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Oftentimes, an email will suffice. Agree?
WFH has its perks. But for parents, it's nearly impossible to put in actual work while supervising kids' distance learning and making sure there's food on the table. It's a miracle we get some job done while being constantly interrupted. Setting boundaries is vital. But it's still ...
There’s a loophole if you can’t wait a month to leave your job.
So you want to resign from work. You’ve considered all the options, talked to family and friends, and even prayed about it. But in the end, you’ve decided that you just can’t take it anymore. You want to go into work the ...
Life goes on.
No one knew how life-altering the COVID-19 pandemic was in the beginning of the year, and college seniors are just a handful of people whose lives were very much impacted by the coronavirus.On spending what would have been the last sem of her ...
The Philippines is also the fifth most optimistic country when it comes to opportunities.
The Philippines is one of the most optimistic and confident countries in the world when it comes to workplace opportunities and growth, according to a global survey by LinkedIn.The LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2020 looked into what the people want and what barriers ...
Got an eye on a corner office someday? Here are tips from an HR expert and a leadership speaker on how to level up at work.
After the holidays, it’s time to go back to the office grind. With that “New Year, New Me” mantra that’s been going around on your always-optimistic friend’s social media feed, as you slog it through traffic to get to your designated slot ...
Back to the grind!
The first week of work after a long holiday is usually the hardest, simply because you're still in total vacation mode. But of course, there are bills to pay and responsibilities to return to, so you pretty much just have to pick up the slack.The thing ...
Think of it as a time to vent.
Office meetings are often seen as the bane of everyone's work life, because more than breaking your focus and momentum, most of these sessions can actually be summarized in a bulletpoint email.Experts from the University of Malmo in Sweden, however, believe that ...
We've got you covered.
It's about time. You've finally decided to resign from your job. There's nothing like the joy of knowing that you've finally made that big choice, but of course, you can't just up and go (read: don't go AWOL). As with everything you've done ...
Don't punish yourself with heroics. Delegate, but oversee.
Stress is a leading cause of mental health problems, which is why human resources always ask applicants how they handle stress at work. The key to managing stress despite multiple tasks you need to finish is staying focused. Here are some strategies ...
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