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With lockdown keeping us indoors, we ask the question: Can you really go from skinny to swole in 30 days?
There’s a reason “How quickly can I build muscle?” is the question on a lot men's lips. We’re living in a world wired into the idea of instant gratification, with quick-fix pills peddled in shady corners of the internet and pumped-up superheroes ...
Esquire fitness columnist and Third Space supremo Luke Worthington gets back to basics in this week's workout advice.
Strength training is important, period. I often describe it as the cup that every other aspect of physical fitness sits within.Speed is determined by strength—it's simply an expression of force, but applied quickly. Flexibility and mobility are directly determined by stability, which ...
These effective low impact workouts will shed away the weight you've been meaning to lose.
We might have reached the first week of February, but some of us are still struggling to keep those New Year's resolutions alive. If your fitness goal is to lose a few pounds in the quickest and most fun way as you ...
Will they help you shave off those holiday inches?
A new year brings with it new fitness goals, especially after we've become bloated over the holidays. We’ve already detailed how much it’ll cost you to commit to your health resolutions through the country’s most popular gym chains, so now let’s get into ...
Time to plug into audio training apps.
On November 4, Jason Shaw ran his first full marathon in Indianapolis, finishing in 5:11:09. If you asked the 35-year-old Chicagoan last year if he ever thought he’d log 26.2 miles, never mind all at once, he would have said no, absolutely ...
He's admits he's no Hugh Jackman.
Ryan Reynolds has two big movies in the works: The Hitman's Bodyguard, in which he and Samuel L. Jackson yell at each other while dodging bullets, and Deadpool 2, in which he dons a tight leather suit to kill baddies. Both require some degree ...
Do it at home, do it yourself.
The gym is great, kind of. It's where you do tough workouts to improve your conditioning. But pretty soon, it starts to feel like you're jumping from one fluorescent box (work) to another (the gym). All the while, you miss out on ...
All the moves you need (but done very, very diligently).
Summer is almost here, which means there are only a few short months until it's time for swim gear. If your body doesn't look the way you want it to, this also means it's time to get back into the gym and ...
Yes, you can do a sweat session and have your sandwich after all within your midday break.
Corporate types have made “working lunches” a thing in the name of multitasking and increased productivity. Since it’s 2017, it’s high time “lunch break workouts” become something to help busy ones get some exercise in. With the abundance of gyms near workplaces and ...
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