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Hook yourself up with the latest in at-home fitness.
We don't have to tell you that the last 365 days torpedoed a lot of good intentions right out of the water, including many intentions about health and fitness. With gyms closed, and then open but questionable, some people built home gyms in ...
There are three body types commonly used to categorize people. Which are you? And does it even matter?
In the 1940s, a professor at the University of Houston named William Sheldon proposed that there are three kinds of people (or more specifically, body types) in the world. Ectomorphs are lean, lanky, and have difficulty gaining weight (think: Bruce Lee and Michael Phelps). ...
These effective low impact workouts will shed away the weight you've been meaning to lose.
We might have reached the first week of February, but some of us are still struggling to keep those New Year's resolutions alive. If your fitness goal is to lose a few pounds in the quickest and most fun way as you ...
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