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The North launched two ballistic missiles. The South followed hours later.
Tension in the Korean Peninsula has reached another high on September 13 when ballistic missiles were launched by the two states. Just days after North Korea celebrated its 73rd anniversary in a parade, the hermit kingdom fired two short-range ballistic missiles off its ...
The Philippines has a very long history of protecting refugees.
Disclaimer: The photo in the main image was taken on December 8, 2014, showing Afghan refugee girls smile in a camp in Lahore, Pakistan.As Kabul, the last free city in Afghanistan, fell to the Taliban after the withdrawal of the U.S., things ...
A mysterious fire gutted its deck at 2 in the morning.
Iran's largest warship sank in the waters of the Gulf of Oman after a mysterious fire gutted its deck at 2:25 a.m. on June 2, 2021. The Kharg was over 40 years old. It was built by Britain in 1977, and had been used ...
Pag-Asa badly needs repairs. China does not want to allow it.
Pag-asa Island (internationally known as Thitu Island), has aging facilities, a damaged runway, and is the only Philippine stronghold in the West Philippine Sea. The 37-hectare island is the largest in the Spratlys. Earlier in May, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ...
Kim Jong-Un doesn’t see it fit. 
Kim Jong-Un is not a fan of skinny jeans. This, along with mullets, body piercings, and basically anything too outlandish for the hermit nation. According to a state-run newspaper in North Korea, the slim-fitting jeans, which became a trend in 2008, were too ...
The beauty queen could be the junta's most feared enemy yet.
The 33-year-old Htar Htet Htet represented Myanmar at the Miss Grand International beauty pageant in 2013. Now, she is a rebel fighter wielding an assault rifle and rallying her people to topple down the military junta that forcefully took over the government in ...
Almost nothing gets past Israel's Iron Dome defense system.
Tensions are high as Israel and Palestine inch closer to a state of all-out war. Violence between Israelis and Palestinians escalated on May 10 as rocket attacks on Israeli cities countered by airstrikes in the Gaza Strip displaced thousands of people and left dozens wounded. The bombardments from ...
The census report comes once in a decade.
China is still the world’s most populous country, according to the latest census of its National Bureau of Statistics, which releases the census once every 10 years.  It eclipses India’s 1.36 billion population, the world’s second-largest population. In 2010, China had a population ...
Agent Orange was one of the most horrific weapons ever devised by humanity.
Agent Orange was meant to be an herbicidal chemical to kill forests and crops on enemy territory. It was extensively used by the United States on Asian countries during the Vietnam War. The chemical was tested and used in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, ...
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