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No effort to make it cute?
When you think of a pet, cute and cuddly are some things on top of your mind. Not sleek and shiny. But that’s exactly what Xiaomi created. Cyberdog, a bio-inspired quadruped robot, was unveiled by the tech giant in early August 2021. It ...
Top speed: 40 kph.
Italian supercar brand Lamborghini collaborated with Chinese electronics and tech company Xiaomi to produce a Lamborghini-badged go-kart called the Ninebot Go Kart Pro Lamborghini edition, which is styled after its Huracan supercar. The story first appeared in Esquire Middle East. Also read: 8 Filipino Actors ...
An iPrice Group study breaks down the most searched-for mobile phone brands in the country.
What’s the most popular smartphone brand in the Philippines? Most people would probably answer Samsung and Apple only because their ads are just so ubiquitous and they’ve had such a chokehold on the market for years. But as the results of an independent ...
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