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The tycoon reveals his funny side during a talk with the photographer.
Jaime Zobel de Ayala is many things we already know—a philanthropist, an art enthusiast, and chairman of Ayala Corporation. But one casual evening at the Manila House revealed another side to the business tycoon: He is also a funnyman. Zobel de Ayala was ...
The former domestic helper turned celebrated photographer shares her mother's migration story.
When Xyza Cruz Bacani sat down with Esquire Philippines on a quiet Sunday in January, the street photographer was taking a breather after her exhibit in Hong Kong, We are Like Air, which is also the same title as her new book.Ever ...
This look into the lives of Hong Kong’s domestic workers is informed by Xyza Cruz Bacani’s own experiences as a second-generation migrant domestic worker.
Air is both invisible and vital. Few individuals ever take time to think about what fuels their every breath, and yet its absence is impossible to ignore. Air is ever-important, but hardly noticed.Xyza Cruz Bacani, photographer and one of Asia Society’s 2018 ...
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