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Behind the scenes with the crew who brought us sandworms that “command respect.”
There is no Dune without sandworms––creatures that have inspired generations of readers, filmmakers, writers, artists, and fans. First introduced in Frank Herbert’s 1965 masterpiece, the immense desert-dwelling sandworm has come to define the beloved sci-fi saga while also bedeviling both fans and filmmakers. But ...
Rediscover the Luzon's rare plants and wildlife.
After more than a year of being cooped up at home, nothing beats stretching your legs, challenging your body that's been resting for too long, and breathing in fresh air from the slopes of Sierra Madre. You'll be glad to know that Masungi ...
They've literally got money to burn.
There’s a reason we’re in the golden age of fantasy and sci-fi content. Technology has finally caught up with the demands of the world-building of these complicated worlds. What was impossible a few decades ago is now possible with CGI, AI, and ...
The timeless classic gets a more modern and relaxed upgrade.
Converse once again reunites with its long-standing collaborator, Los Angeles-based sneaker store and apparel brand Undefeated, this time on the newly released Undefeated x Converse Chuck 70 Mid. This reimagination of the iconic sneaker is brimming with that laidback California vibe that ...
21 novels with no obvious road map. Let's dive in!
So you're fired up about Dune hitting the big screen, and you're ready to dive into the world of Frank Herbert's beloved science fiction novels. Congratulations! You've got an exciting literary journey ahead of you. And whether you've dabbled in Dune lore before or you're completely ...
It’s like the world has been rubbing our noses in it. Broken government. Police brutality. A global pandemic. Climate change. Awash in harrowing realities, Joshua Ferris discovers the sustaining power of everyday fictions.
I hugged my father goodbye for the last time in a hospital room in March 2014. He was a seven-year survivor of pancreatic cancer. No one thought he’d make it much longer. He was laboring to breathe, and I was due on ...
Check out the thrilling trailer of Uncharted.
As they say, fortune favors the bold. And that’s clearly what’s happening to Tom Holland. The 25-year-old Marvel star has teamed up with Sony Pictures once more, this time for the film adaptation of the beloved video game series Uncharted. The first trailer ...
Naturally, the richest men are fighting to dominate the commercial space industry so they can get, well, richer. But one is ahead of the other.
As we’ve witnessed from the sidelines over the last few months, the world’s two richest men—Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Tesla’s Elon Musk—are duking it out in the commercial space race. ROSCOSMOS and NASA made milestones in the scientific space frontier, but now ...
“We’re the most powerful military in the world.”
Following weeks of multiple Chinese incursions into Taiwanese airspace, the U.S. has reminded China that Taiwan is under the protection of the United States. On October 21, U.S. President Joe Biden reaffirmed his country’s commitment to defending Taiwan in case of an attack. “Yes, ...
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