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The list that was once dominated by automotive companies is now ruled by tech.
Innovation is the lifeblood of every company. Stagnant technology—and ideas—lead to irrelevance, which is why some of the world’s biggest corporations invest billions of dollars each year in internal innovation hubs in hopes of keeping ahead of the competition. Perhaps the best ...
Answers to your most pressing question about the ubiquitous convenience store.
The convenience store has become a staple in urban life for many Filipinos. Many of us have been to a convenience store at least once. More likely, many of us have been to a 7-Eleven here in the Philippines at least once ...
We might soon see commercial fishing vessels in our favorite dive spots.
Filipino fisherfolk are up in arms as a new piece of legislation threatens their only source of livelihood. House Bill 7853 seeks to allow commercial fishing vessels to exploit marine resources within municipal waters, which is 15 kilometers from the shoreline. Small-scale ...
There’s P21,000 cash inside his chocolate cake.
Josh Munji, who turned 21, thought he was just celebrating another pandemic birthday. But when he was about to blow the candles on his cake, his family told him to pull out the “Happy Birthday” decor on it.Munji joked, “May P21,000?” Turns out, there was. According ...
Everything you need to know about how to register for vaccinations in Quezon City. 
Through QCProketodo, Quezon City has started vaccinating medical frontliners, seniors, government officials, and people with comorbidities (classified as “A3”). But it is important to note that walk-ins are strictly not allowed. You have to pre-register first before you can get a slot. First, ...
Lauded as 'super-mellow.'
The infinite number of beach paradises in the Philippines are often eclipsed by the likes of Boracay and Palawan. But one beach has caught the attention of luxury U.S. travel magazine Travel + Leisure and has been named as one of the 25 ...
Flexible loan products, friendlier rates and more reasons why microlending is a resilient business concept.
A crisis-proof business is a kind of business that remains stable and, perhaps becomes even more in-demand when a crisis occurs, just like what is happening now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Examples of those surviving and thriving industries nowadays are delivery services, ...
Japan claims Fukushima’s treated radioactive water is safe to drink.
A spokesman from China’s ministry of foreign affairs challenged a Japanese official who claimed treated radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear plant is safe to drink. This comes after Japan’s Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso said the treated radioactive water from the nuclear ...
The marque releases a piece purpose-built for the Japanese 'nomunication' cocktail hour
'Cocktail watch' is yet another term bandied around with no clear explanation or illumination as to what it actually is (like dress watch, and the even vaguer 'sports' watch). So we'll tell you. A cocktail watch is usually delicate, and almost always feminine ...
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