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Tom Hardy, John Boyega, Sam Heughan, and more are all in the running for the keys to the DB5.
So, here we are at last. No Time To Die has been released, and Daniel Craig's been banged out of MI6. The question turns to who will be the next James Bond now he's swapped his Walther PPK for his P45.And really: who knows. You might as ...
Sports equipment is apparently involved. 
By now, everyone and their mother has tortured themselves with the tumultuous slow burn that was season two of Bridgerton. This season took us on a longer, slower journey that was rife with tension, angst, and sexual frustration. It was a gamble ...
“He who has the power is always right; the weaker is always wrong.”
A few facts about Niccolò Machiavelli—the perpetually disputed Italian diplomat, philosopher, political theorist, and author of one of the most controversial political treatises in history.He wrote The Prince while he was in prison, for his unsuccessful attempt to organize a Florentine militia ...
It's based on director Kip Oebanda's own childhood.
"Liway", an award-winning 2018 film on Martial Law, will start streaming ad-free on YouTube starting March 18 until April, its writer and director Kip Oebanda said Wednesday. Set during the waning days of former president Ferdinand Marcos' dictatorship, "Liway" is based on Oebanda's ...
It’s a laugh-out-loud tale of adolescence and beautifully messy mother-daughter relationships.
Really, though—if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you doing?Pixar has always been a master at capturing the messy essence of being human. But Turning Red might just be one of the most tender explorations of adolescence and Asian mother-daughter relationships ...
Politics and cinema go hand in hand, apparently.
Let’s get one thing straight: China’s nine-dash line is illegal. No matter how much propaganda has leaked into world maps and Hollywood movies, it doesn’t change the fact that The Law of the Sea is the only law that reigns in the ...
The bond between them remains strong as ever.
OG MYX VJs Luis Manzano, Nikki Gil, and Iya Villania might have wrapped up their careers in the famed ABS-CBN music channel MYX years ago, but they still make us nostalgic whenever they reunite in real life. Alright, fine—we’re probably just waiting for them to announce the chart-topper for today’s ...
Here's what Guinness had to say.
The entry for Guinness World Records’ "Greatest Robbery of a Government," held by former Philippine President and dictator Ferdinand Marcos, is inaccessible and could not found as of March 10, 2022 on the official website of Guinness. The Philippine government's announcement that it ...
I can't sleep through the night. I continue to doomscroll. The return to normal seems like it's maybe bullshit.
I marked the two-year anniversary of the pandemic the way I do most nights now: waking up with a start and blearily checking my watch. It's 3 a.m., 4, 4:30, if I'm lucky. Eventually, I accept that I'm awake. It's the same ...
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