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She's also the richest entirely self-made billionaire in Australia.
Melanie Perkins, a 32-year-old Filipino-Australian, is now Australia’s youngest ever billionaire with a net worth of US$2.5 billion. This makes her Australia’s third-richest woman thanks to Canva, a graphic design company she co-founded less than a decade ago.Also read: Sofia Andres' Boyfriend is ...
Here are the most outrageous memes that dominated Filipinos' timelines in 2019.
Everybody knows that Filipinos are fluent in speaking with memes. For every national news, whether good or bad, there is always some witty Filipino who takes it upon him or herself to make a meme out of the situation. Here are some ...
Philippine urban legends are some of the weirdest in the world.
It's unbelievable how people used to believe in Philippine urban legends from the ‘90s, which, in retrospect, seemed to be pretty silly and weird. The following are some of the legends you may have heard from your aunts, uncles, cousins, or parents ...
For all its loaded dialogues and stunning imagery, the film deserves the undivided attention of its audience members.
A weary-looking Anthony Hopkins’ Pope Benedict XVI takes a seat on a white bench in an empty Sistine Chapel. Coincidentally, he does so next to the word “papa” painted on the wall. Seconds later, Jonathan Pryce as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio sits on ...
We get a closer glimpse at what the industrialist was like as a father.
On the first day of the wake of her father, the late industrialist John Gokongwei, Jr.,  Robina Gokongwei Pe, gave an eloquent eulogy laced with humor and tenderness.Pe is the president and CEO of Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. and the eldest of ...
You can support quake victims for as low as P200.
Yet again, the social impact of disruptive technology is seeing positive outcomes for Filipinos. Session Groceries, a social enterprise and farm-to-table app focused on connecting farmers and consumers by allowing consumers to order rice through their app, is offering special delivery services to ...
It's currently the AMOLED screen watch with the longest battery life.
Garmin Philippines has just introduced the Venu, the company's first smartwatch with AMOLED screen.“[The AMOLED display] will breathe life and color into animated workouts on live watch faces,” said Engelhard Sundoro, Managing Director, South Asia and India.Venu features some of the newest additions to ...
Whose fortunes gained and declined in 2019?
It was hardly a surprise when  the late taipan Henry Sy, Sr.’s heirs replaced him in the top spot on the Forbes Philippines’ Richest list of 2019. With $17.2 billion in collective net worth, the Sy siblings were unmatched in this year’s ...
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