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The 27-year-old enters a new phase of grown-up, proper pop with a grown-up, proper watch.
In the opening shot of Zayn Malik’s new video for 'Vibez', we see an Omega watch in all its hi-spec, close-up, Swiss-made glory: a model from the Constellation family that shows some forward-thinking modern marketing nous from an industry frequently (and perhaps wrongly) mired ...
He wore the New York designer patching up Very Famous Men.
Nobody foresaw the rise of patchwork. Once the specialism of grandmothers the world over, make-do-and-mend has become something of a current menswear move. What's more, it double-ticks the sustainability box: repurposing old fabrics is one way to slow the end of civilization ...
Zayn X Versus, a capsule collection of men's and women's clothing, will go on sale in stores and online in May next year.
Now here's a fashion partnership we couldn't have predicted. Zayn Malik and Donatella Versace are teaming up to design a clothing line: The New York Times reports the 23-year-old popstar will work with the Italian fashion house to create Zayn X Versus, a capsule collection of ...
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