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The remarkably serene piece of watchmaking manages to feel both retro and brand new.
Zenith’s El Primero movement is the gift that keeps on giving. Introduced in 1969, it was the first automatic chronograph movement. It’s something that may seem like less than a big deal these days. Back then, it was a major breakthrough—the equivalent, ...
From mind-bending complications to good ol' divers, here are the standouts.
Esquire creative director Nick Sullivan is on the ground at Watches & Wonders in Geneva—the first big in-person watch event in three years—bringing us the best new releases from brands big and small. To kick things off, he's wrapping up key introductions ...
The watch also features an extremely cool complication you don't see very often.
While the Defy family of watches from Zenith has produced some mind-bending experimental—and expensive—watches in the past two years, including a Double Tourbillon whose transparent case is made entirely of sapphire crystal, the brand is also mindful of making its recognizable angular aesthetic available at more ...
The Swiss watch experts just released an "Ultrablue" iteration of the Defy El Primero 21 chronograph.
With the digital Geneva Watches and Wonders show looming (it starts on April 7), the watch market is currently akin to that weird thing that happens just before a tsunami, when all the water gets sucked out to sea, leaving the seabed bare. Not ...
The stars of LVMH's high-end horology stable aren't exactly taking it easy in lockdown.
Along with everything else, the pandemic has pretty effectively disrupted the way the watch world debuts its latest show-stoppers. Big, glitzy, in-person fairs are, by and large, not happening. But that doesn't mean the machinery stops moving entirely.Case in point: Last week, ...
The faithfully executed remake is based on the groundbreaking 1969 model, one of the first to feature the El Primero movement.
The recreation of vintage-inspired watches from an illustrious back catalog of designs has become an accepted, if sometimes overused, industry practice for watch brands—namely those with the right history—to create “newness.” Or maybe that should be “oldness.” Whatever. While we are all ...
The Defy El Primero 21 Land Rover Edition takes its cues from the upcoming 2020 version of the Defender.
Collabs with automotive brands are a relative no brainer in the watchmaking world. As any neurosurgeon will tell you (probably), the same bit of the brain that makes men go all goo-goo eyed at a car is but a synapse away from ...
Get reacquainted with an unsung horological hero.
Among watch enthusiasts, the Zenith El Primero is famous for being the unsung hero that inspired the machinations behind more household names. Without the El Primero, there'd be no Panerai Luminor Chrono, no Bulgari Chronograph, and, most notably, no self-winding Rolex Daytona. You'd ...
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