Serge Osmeña Uses Pizza to Give Dating Advice to His Niece


A video of Serge Osmeña taken during a quiet Sunday afternoon by his wife Bettina is making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter.

In the clip, the former senator is having pizza with his daughters and his niece when the topic of relationships comes up. To comfort his heartbroken niece, he shares some useful advice.

“A guy who makes you skip pizza is not the one,” he says.

His niece replies saying the boy she’s seeing is nice.

Osmeña's reply: “A nice guy will not make you cry. Break mo na.”

"I know it's not easy, but when you learn to let go, better things happen. Trust me. I know this. I'm wiser," he says.

"And older," interjects his much younger wife, Bettina. 

“When you have an issue with a guy, like pizza, you don’t instantly reject. Maybe you don’t like one topping, ayaw mo ng bell pepper, okay, tanggalin mo lang kasi gusto mo pa rin kainin yung pizza. You don’t like onion, remove it, eat pizza," says Osmeña. “But you see, if you love pizza, if you love the guy, you have to take it, take him as he is, then adjust. Don’t try to change him kasi he is a pizza, he is supposed to be a lot of things.”


When his niece mentions that she thinks there’s another girl, Osmeña serves one more slice of cheesy advice.

“The only love triangle that is acceptable is a pizza slice,” he says.

Watch the full video below:

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