7 Practices of Very Successful People

Turn potential into achievement by practicing these principles.

It’s been said that successful people are always one step ahead of everyone else. By doing so, they're able to contribute to the world in a large way, continuously innovating and providing solutions.

These practices are what presidents, CEOs, and other leaders of the world have in common.

1. They set dreams and goals ahead of time.

The five-year plan may sound like something only your Type A classmate in college meticulously devised, but it really is the easiest way to get to the end zone, also known as success. Setting a clear path for your future will not only put things in perspective but it will ultimately give you a rough visualization of your trail to victory. And that’s better than going through life blindly, in a permanent what-may-come-will-come state. More importantly, planning will get you ready for the road bumps ahead.

2. They surround themselves with equally determined people and people more successful than them.

Probably the most important of all: Choose your friends wisely. Who your friends say a lot about you. Yes, peer pressure is real. Don’t be afraid to cut off that negative friend who always puts you and your ideas down. An ideal friend discusses things with you, empowers, and builds you up with constructive advice and criticism.

3. They take action instead of procrastinating.

Procrastination is something we’re all guilty of, but making it a habit will get you nowhere. Get over procrastination by creating to-do lists, not only are you reminded to finish a task but you’re setting mini personal goals for yourself for the day.


4. They do things they love and are passionate about.

Having a general interest in the field you’re in makes you happier, leading you to become exceptional at it. If you’re doing something you’re not passionate about, then what’s the point? Always strive for your goal and if it’s not possible, then work for it. Passion is something you can’t learn, it’s something inherently embedded in your psyche.

5. They think positively and don’t dwell on the negatives.

As with any other person in the world, the exceptional person encounters roadblocks, but exceptional people know that’s just what they are—roadblocks. They are things you will overcome sooner or later. Thinking positive is what gets you through the hard times, and it goes hand in hand with not dwelling on the negatives. Many exceptional people gain success after being at rock bottom, looking back only to learn from their mistakes.

6. They take risks.

Once in a while, a risky business decision comes along. It might be a start-up company that needs investors or a risky industry that’s slowed down in recent years, but these are the life-defining moments that determine your future. Successful people handle circumstances like these by quickly weighing their options and thinking about their losses. As they say, you win some, you lose some. Exceptional people know that sometimes, it’s just a matter of pure luck or following your gut.

7. They never quit after taking on responsibility.

Really exceptional people will never quit on something. They finish the task at hand and give something all they’ve got. If you push harder, it just might lead to the tipping point that leads you to success. Being persistent about reaching your goal will get you far in life. Learn to finish what you started. Believe in yourself.

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