10 Vacation Clubs That Provide Access to the World's Best Accommodations


If you're considering purchasing a second home, stop right there.

Vacation clubs offer the same privileges of owning a second home but without the worry of having to assign a caretaker while you're away. These exclusive programs offer you the best accommodations in the most sought-after destinations with five-star service to boot.

The Hideaways Club

At The Hideaways Club, members choose a residence based on their interests, making every vacation even more unforgettable. The properties, which span from remote ski chalets to hilltop villas, are all located in unique locations and are armed with state-of-the-art equipment. The Hideaways Club is highly selective, however, and its members consist of high-profile and high-net-worth individuals.

Perks: The Concierge Service begins from the moment you book your stay. The team can do everything from booking a highly sought-after restaurant to sourcing an exclusive experience.

Solstice Luxury Destination Club

Members of the Solstice Collection can choose from the most desirable designer homes—the Uguccioni Palace in Florence and the Ellington Apartment in New York included. Though there are only eight destinations in the portfolio, Solstice members can choose from three tiers of membership: Signature, Platinum, and Sky, each with its own distinct membership allotment.

Perks: To join, potential members simply pay a minimal one-time administrative fee, and then regular dues after. It prides itself on being one of the most flexible vacation clubs around.

Visit solsticecollection.com for more information

Marriott Vacation Club


A timeshare at the Marriott Vacation Club entitles you to choose from over 50 resorts, more than 4,000 Marriott hotels, and 3,000 affiliated resorts to stay at. With the use of vacation club points, you can book whenever and wherever your trip may be, with the choice of studios, hotel rooms, and suites, to villas tailored to your party. It’s closely tied to the Marriott Rewards Points Program, which makes it possible for you to swap your vacation club points through the Marriott Exchange Program. The vacation club isn’t limited to accommodations. There are cruises, exclusive tours, and off-the-beaten-path experiences for the taking.

Perks: Once you have a stake in the Marriott Vacation Club, you can pass it on to future generations. But before that, you can purchase the vacation club points that suit your needs.

Visit marriottvacationclub.com for more information

Ritz-Carlton Destination Club

Affiliated with the Marriott Vacation Club, the Ritz-Carlton Destination Club allows its members and their guests to use up a certain number of vacation days per interest. This is best for guests who prefer to visit the same club locations frequently. It’s just like owning a second home but without the worry of the upkeep. The chain also provides a vacation club ownership, which is obtained through an interest in a trust that holds a real estate title, so it also comes with a deed that you can pass on to your children.

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Perks: What sets the Ritz-Carlton Destination Club apart from its competitors is its dedication to detail. Members are given their own member experience manager to help organize the trip. The staff members also provide services such as airport pick-ups, unpacking, and pressing of pre-sent garments.

Visit ritzcarltonclub.com for more information.

Disney Vacation Club

Disney kids and kids at heart would be thrilled to off to the uniquely-themed accommodations offered by the Disney vacation club. Members aren’t limited by a place to stay, as the membership offers plenty of opportunities to spend time with family at one of their many resorts. The experiences are uniquely Disney, too, as you can book a room at the Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, which is close to the Magic Kingdom, or go on the Disney Cruise Line.

Perks: The offerings go beyond Disney resorts, so you can choose from the portfolio of options so you can have a place to stay anywhere in the world.

Visit disneyvacationclub.disney.go.com for more information

Hilton Grand Vacations

Once you sign on for a Hilton Grand Vacations ownership, you’re entitled to a deeded ownership interest at one of the Hilton resorts, which will be your “Home Resort.” As a member, you receive annual club points per year based on your ownership type, and you can either save these points or use them at one of the Hilton Grand Vacations and partner resorts.

Perks: Apart from all the typical benefits of an ownership, the Hilton Grand Vacations allows its owners to exchange club points for Hilton Honors Points.


Visit hiltongrandvacations.com for more information

Hyatt Residence Club

The Hyatt Residence Club gives its owners the same privileges as those part of the World of Hyatt, the loyalty program of the Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. Owners can then enjoy luxury accommodations and exclusive services at any Hyatt resort, apart from staying at one of the premium properties on the Hyatt Residence Club roster.

Perks: Apart from impeccable service, the program comes with a user-friendly website that makes discovering vacation offers quick and easy.

Visit hyattvacationclub.com for more information

Anantara Vacation Club

At Anantara, a vacation ownership means that interested parties can buy into a shared ownership by paying a one-time fee that lets you purchase points to spend for each vacation. You are then given access to the Anantara vacation club Resort Collection, which features resorts in Phuket, Bali, Koh Samui, and suites in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Sanya, and Queenstown.


Perks: You can guarantee that the number of club points per stay will never increase.

Visit anantaravacationclub.com for more information

Equity Estates

Equity Estates brands itself as a “luxury residence fund,” where investors put their money into multimillion-dollar vacation homes likely to appreciate and ones that you may also use when you travel. The properties in its 20-country portfolio are private, so you can pop in for a stay whenever you please. Eventually, the proceeds are given back to you until your initial investment is completely returned, then 80 percent of the appreciations follow.

Perks: The properties are looked after by the fund’s multi-touch concierge program, and they may fulfill your every whim during your visits.

Visit equityestatesfund.com for more information

The Quintess Collection

The Quintess Collection provides members with second homes from the world’s most coveted locations, with each home averaging 3,000 and 5,000-square feet in resort destinations. The prices are considerably lower than public discount rates with 20 to 40 percent offers below the market value.

Perks: This program keeps a close club guest to team member ratio, which makes it easier for the Member Relations team to get to know their guests and fulfill their every request. Your experience is also enhanced with an online service called Collective iQ, which provides live itinerary planning and recommendations.

Visit Quintess.com for more information

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