This Tequila Is Made for Sipping

Are Casa Noble tequilas the new sipping spirits?

The award-winning taste behind a sophisticated bottle of Casa Noble tequila will have you giving the spirit more than just a second thought and a salt-rimmed glass as its primary pairing. Founder and maestro tequilero Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo of the Mexico-based brand is convinced that a spirit as fine as this blue agave tequila, nurtured and harvested in the location it was named after, deserves to be savored through nuanced sips for every note and flavor.

Its signature lush taste and smooth finish is notably present in all three of its most popular variations: the Casa Noble Crystal, Reposado, and Añejo, apart from its limited edition offerings. Its latest in liquid gold, the celebrated single barrel tequila, will only be produced in a small quantity between 40 to 45 barrels with 30 bottles each barrel.

In a quest to create the world’s finest tequilas, Hermosillo has propelled Casa Noble as a fine reputable spirit that prides itself on being one of the few certified organic tequilas in the market. With years of experience in distilled alcohol production under his belt, Hermosillo recounts how Casa Noble was the first tequila he strove to make more cosmopolitan.

In developing a spirit as complex as a tequila, it was necessary that its makers would take food pairings into consideration. It’s expected that a well-crafted spirit is versatile in the flavor profiles that it complements. Naturally, a bottle of tequila would partner perfectly with Mexican cuisine, but the maestro tequilero discovered that Reposado also pairs nicely with cheeses—ranging from unlikely pairings of camembert to manchego. Hermosillo also found that Spanish flavors from Barcelona also worked well with the spirit. Encouraging food pairings with local cuisine, Hermosillo supports a spicy pork empanada with some of his own tequila.


While nursing a Casa Noble tequila is ideal, one would be wise in taking a classic cocktail—say a gin and tonic—and recreating it with a Reposado twice. The acidity of the citrus and the peppery flavor of the Reposado blends swimmingly with the tonic for a refreshing libation. A Casa Noble and tonic or classic margarita are most recommended on a scorching afternoon, securing the Mexican spirit’s title as a midday quencher. The concoction of tequila-based cocktails has become an exciting development for Hermosillo, who muses, “From creating that cocktail from scratch, you’re really analyzing the spirit.”

Not to be confused with the growing mezcal trend, a distilled Mexican drink also sourced from agave plant, tequila would be consumed more often than a mezcal. The latter is produced in smaller amounts, and Hermosillo suggests that he would save its intense, sometimes spicy flavor for a more experimental situation. Nevertheless, he finds that it’s fantastic that another Mexican spirit is being recognized, as it’s a step forward for their culture. Casanoble.com.

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