Robot Maid, Post-Happy Hour Sobriety Meter: New High Tech Gadgets

A robot that can act on your behalf is no longer science fiction territory.

The future is here.

A whole slew of amazing high-tech gadgets has been unveiled at the 2017 Consumer Technology Association (CES) trade show. Apart from the usual mobile phone upgrades, technological marvels include health-monitoring devices, robotic appliances, and security aids.

Here are some of the most intriguing products from the lineup. 

Fingerprint-Enabled Padlocks

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No more fumbling for all those keys in your bag. Benjilock is a convenient way to ward off theft or keep sensitive files away from prying eyes.

Camera and Photo Printer in One Device

To those who lament the lack of photo prints in this age of mobile phone technology, Polaroid Pop Instant is the answer. This camera has a printer that can be connected to smartphones. It also has an HD video function.

Portable Mini Projector


No need to ask colleagues, business partners, and clients to huddle around a business deck on your computer. Vivitek Qumi Q8 adds a professional touch to your presentation, minus the bulk. Decks housed in your iOS and Android devices can be projected on a blank wall and magnified to the size of a 120-inch television.

On-the-Go Sobriety Test

Other than light-headedness, how do you know if you’re sober enough to drive after drinks with friends? Milo Sensors’s Proof™ does something even better: This wearable device reads your alcohol level based on your sweat. It can also tell if your blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeds the normal range. You might not want to make rash decisions when this happens.

Small Chore Robot for the Home

How about a Siri-like device that acts like a leader among interconnected appliances? The LG Hub Robot processes verbal commands from the user and cascades the information to laundry machines, refrigeration units, and other SmartThinQ–powered LG devices. It has also been reported that Hub Robot is intelligent enough to read stories aloud.
High-Tech Cooking Companion

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If there’s one major thing that technology saves for us, it’s time. This little device called Hello Egg does just that. It plans meals according to the user’s preferences and diet restrictions. Vegans, lactose-intolerant people, those on a gluten-free diet, and dog owners will find great use for Hello Egg. It plots recipes for the week and even screens video tutorials.

Phone-Controlled Vacuum Cleaner

BLACK+DECKER™ has launched SMARTECH™ Robotic Vacuum, a device that gives busy people the ability to multi-task. Operated from a smartphone, the cleaner can do the bulk of the work. Depending on the surface, it adjusts power levels. No need to monitor the vacuum closely. It has a sensor that makes it suitable for cleaning stairs and hard-to-reach areas.

Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor


MOCACARE’s MOCACuff can be worn on the wrist like a watch on reverse. This is a life-changing device for people who need to keep tabs on their blood pressure and heart rate. It runs figures against normal rates, making it easy for heart patients to know if they are due another doctor’s appointment.

New-Generation Baby Monitor

Beyond sound, iBaby Monitor M6S gives a 1080p-resolution video of your little one. From your phone, you can see your baby’s activity and even monitor air quality—a useful feature for asthmatics. Its night-vision function makes it less necessary for parents to go back and forth their baby’s room.

Odor Labelling Device


NeOse Odor Detector is perfect for those who work with noxious chemicals. Scientists, chemists, and factory owners can use this to aid in studies and avoid workplace accidents. Those with anosmia, a loss of smell, can also benefit from this detector much like the way hearing aids make life easier for the elderly.

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