How To Travel Back in Time on the World's Largest Private Jet


It was like time travel, as the Crystal Skye flew back in time. 

After witnessing a majestic New Year’s Eve fireworks display on a barge in Sydney Harbor, passengers of the private aircraft then flew to Honolulu, Hawaii to celebrate New Year’s Eve once more.

The Crystal Skye was the first plane to depart from Sydney in 2018 and the last plane to arrive in Honolulu in 2017.

“Time is luxury,” said Dream Cruises and Crystal AirCruises president Thatcher Brown. Onboard the Crystal Skye, the world’s largest private jet, passengers are awarded the luxury of time by customizing their travels. On these flights, passengers get exactly what they want.

Booking a trip on the Crystal Skye can either be a private charter for leisurely travel or group events. The privately-owned Boeing 777 aircraft was customized to accommodate a maximum of 88 guests, instead of the intended 300 the plane was built for. Apart from having each of its seats convertible into fully-flat beds, the plane also features a separate social space furnished with dining tables and a fully stocked bar to keep guests entertained. At the back is the unique SkyeCellar, which can house up to 200 bottles of wine.


The social area

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The executive class seats

This also translates to more luggage space. Guests no longer have to worry about the issue of overweight luggage or oddly shaped souvenirs (we'll get back to this and other unusual requests in a bit).

Inside the spacious cabin


As an aircraft that specializes in creating a unique and personal experience each time, the air travel possibilities have become endless. It’s eradicated the need for stopovers, so you can fly directly to Nairobi without having to stop in Dubai. Brown illustrates: “This aircraft can go to Kuala Lumpur then to Florida, then right to Colombia, South America. Can you imagine? We’re here [in Manila] today, then we’re going to be in Colombia in 48 hours.”

The plane's staff typically consists of an estimated 13 Sky Butlers, a private chef, a masseuse, an engineer, and three captains. The number of crew members depends on the number of passengers but 21 to 23 staff members to 88 guests is much more than the average staff-to-guest ratio on any private jet.

Crystal Skye executives and crew at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport tarmac

With the promise of making any trip a memorable one, the Crystal AirCruises staff make it a point to accommodate even the most unusual requests. Having a rice cooker on board was one of the demands. A more memorable request was a special intercontinental delivery. “A guest on a Kenya trip liked one of the amenities we provided, and we had sourced this from Cape Town, South Africa. She liked it so much that she ordered ten cases of this beauty product. We had to find it in that quantity and ship it to their location in Asia.”


Another time, a passenger left a bow and arrow he had bought from his travels and had the crew to take it back to Hong Kong. Brown remembers the passenger telling him, “I’ve got to go. I’ll pay for the entire trip. I actually have to leave Nairobi and go to London so can you please bring back my bow, arrow, and quivers?” The crew members were able to get it past customs and back to its owner in Hong Kong. You can trust that you’re in good hands with the AirCruises staff.

On a regular day, the Crystal Skye acts like a cruise ship. The windows are kept open so guests can look out and enjoy the sights. One of the flights flew as low as 5,000 feet around Bora Bora, while another trip took the place close to Mount Kilimanjaro. “You feel like you’re a character in Gulliver’s Travels,” Brown adds.


Take a look at the rest of the bespoke routes here.

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