How Much Sugar Is in a Glass of Wine, a Chocolate Bar, and More?


Human beings have a love-hate relationship with sugar. We both crave it and avoid it. While we know it’s in the food we eat, we are not aware of just how much sugar our favorite snacks contain. Here is a short list of popular food and the varying amounts of sugar each one contains.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Average Sugar Content: one teaspoon of sugar per piece 

The average weight of a chocolate chip cookie is 12 grams. Each cookie you eat contains one teaspoon or 4.2 grams of granulated sugar, on top of the carbohydrates that come from the dough itself.

Milk Chocolate Bar

Average Sugar Content: two tablespoons of sugar per milk chocolate bar 


The average weight of a milk chocolate bar is 44 grams. More than half of that amount or 24.54 grams is just plain table sugar. You might want to swap to dark chocolate instead.

A Glass of Wine

Average Sugar Content: 1/4 teaspoon of sugar per glass

Red or white wine could be the healthiest drink after all—a single glass of wine contains only a fourth of a teaspoon of sugar.     

A Slice of Pizza

Average Sugar Content: one teaspoon per slice—but wait.

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You might think that a teaspoon of table sugar is a bargain price to pay for a delicious slice of pizza. However, other forms of carbohydrates in that slice can easily rack up to 480 calories—enough energy equivalent to a 3/4 cup of sugar. A single slice is already third of the average daily calorie requirement.

Large Frappuccino or Milkshake

Average Sugar Content: 1  1/4 cups of sugar per 16 oz. cup

Drinking a large-size frappe is like drinking 1  1/4 cups of sugar dissolved in water. This beverage already contains 510 calories or almost a third of the daily calorie requirement. Think twice about those extra pumps of caramel syrup.


Average Sugar Content: 13 teaspoons of sugar per bottle


Ketchup is surprisingly one of the foods with very high sugar content. For every tablespoon or packet of ketchup you consume, you also consume around a teaspoon of table sugar.

Leche Flan

Average Sugar Content: 17 teaspoons or half a cup of sugar per llanera or one cup of leche flan 

For every cup of leche flan you consume, you are consuming half a cup of granulated sugar. A single llanera or one cup of leche flan is packed with so much sugar that it contains 440 calories—almost 1/4 the daily calorie requirement.

Iced Tea

Average Sugar Content: five teaspoons of sugar per glass

A tenth of an 8-ounce glass of iced tea is just sugar. 


Average Sugar Content: 11 teaspoons of sugar per mango

Surprisingly, a mango contains so much sugar that eating two pieces of the fruit is like downing 1  1/2 llaneras of leche flan.   

A Double Patty Hamburger

Average Sugar Content: 1  1/2 teaspoon of sugar per single order 


A double patty burger contains a little over a teaspoon of table sugar, its true calorie content is higher—it has 354 calories, equivalent energy to 1/2 cup of sugar.

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