Here's How You Could Get Better Sleep

Wearing this bracelet helps you relax and experience quality snooze.
IMAGE Ramon Tan Magrila (Philip Stein), Courtesy of Lucerne

Founded in 2002 in Miami, Florida, Philip Stein has evolved from a watchmaker to a lifestyle brand with distribution in over 25 countries. Now, they're delving into the business of snoozing and have gotten the technology down to a T with the Philip Stein sleep bracelet. 

The Solution To Your Tossing And Turning
The sleep bracelet, a nighttime accessory to help the wearer sleep deeper. It's the brand's fastest growing single product. Many Philip Stein customers have reported benefits such as falling asleep faster. Ideally, the sleep bracelet should be put on 15 minutes before going to sleep or taking a nap. For best results one should be well hydrated throughout the day, refrain from drinking alcohol or coffee at night, and also refrain from watching television or working on a computer before going to sleep.

The Science of Sleep
We are constantly surrounded by frequencies-natural as well as man-made frequencies. From history and science we’ve learned that natural frequencies are good for humans and life in general. Man-made frequencies from modern technology throw off this natural balance. Inside the watches and bracelets are metal discs which through proprietary technology are tuned to function like an antenna harnessing only the beneficial natural frequencies and channeling them to our body for our personal benefit. Wearers of the watches feel less stressed, and more calm and focused, while wearers of the sleep bracelet might experience better sleep and waking up more refreshed.

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