This is How You Can Store All Those Christmas Leftovers

Useful tips for keeping holiday food in the fridge.

If we’re taking from the rule of wine service, certain types of wine should be stored in certain temperatures. By doing this, you’re ensured of the best possible flavor that the winemakers intended. Storing a bottle of red at room temperature, for example, would result in the wine aging differently and this will abandon its optimum flavors.

The same rule is to be applied to food—particularly when they fall under the perishable and semi-perishable categories. A prime slab of steak or a jar of preserved fruit won’t only taste they’re best when stored in the proper temperature, but also have a prolonged storage life.  Now that the holidays have come, you’re either going to have to store all your noche buena viands in preparation for all the big feasts and find some way to keep the abundance of Christmas dinner leftovers after the celebrations have ended. Here are some quick and easy tips on storing food:

 1| The ideal temperature for your refrigerator is below 4.44 degrees Celsius.

According to the Food Safety and Inspection Service arm of the United States Department of Agriculture, the best temperature range to stunt bacteria growth since these microorganisms thrive in temperatures between 4 to 60 degrees Celsius.

Sub-Zero refrigeration systems have spent decades perfecting the optimum settings to suit the ideal environment of various food. It pairs this with humidity, perfect temperature, and air purification technology. Sub-Zero refrigerators and freezers come equipped with microprocessors that keep both sections within 1 degree of the temperature set. The doors are surrounded by magnetic seals that keep the cold inside and conserve energy. It also keeps the air clean every 20 minutes with a charcoal filter system and an advanced air purification system from NASA.


2| Use common household items to remove odors from the refrigerator.

If you’ve kept a fruitcake in the chiller for too long and its scent is beginning to take over the entire space, you can combine these common household items to get rid of the odor: (1) scrub the unit down with baking soda and water; (2) leave a vanilla-soaked cotton swab in the freezer for 24 hours; or (3) leave baking soda or coffee grounds scattered in the unit.

3| When storing turkey, chicken, or other poultry, keep them in a fridge.

If you’re storing turkey, duck, or chicken leftovers, try to have them in the refrigerator within 90 minutes after your meal.


4| Wrap charcuterie in deli paper.

Cold cuts and cheese are popular finger food during the holidays but what do you with the surplus? Store your cured meat in deli paper or plastic wrap if cut, and then refrigerate. For whole. Uncut meat, keep in a dry and cool place with a temperature between 10 to 13 degrees Celsius.

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5| Don’t over-keep your red meat.

When it comes to pork or beef, you can store it raw for until five days in the refrigerator and four to 12 months in the freezer. If it’s leftover steak from the last potluck dinner, keep it in the fridge for only three to four days and frozen for two to six months.

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