The Wait Is Over: The iPhone 11 Is Now Available, Here’s How You Can Get Yours

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Whether you’re an iPhone loyalist or not, we’re pretty sure you’ve been drawn into all the buzz and excitement surrounding Apple’s latest smartphone. Well, those who have been dying to get their hands on it can finally be appeased, as the phone is now available through powerful postpaid plans that will maximize the iPhone 11 experience.

Yesterday, Globe and Smart, two of the country’s biggest networks, respectively revealed the iPhone 11 alongside the postpaid plans that are on offer. But before we get into the nitty-gritty, here’s a little refresher on the phone’s fabulous features:

It has three variants, namely, the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the iPhone 11. For the iPhone 11, there’s a plethora of vibrant colors to choose from, including black, white, green, yellow, purple, and red. On the other hand, the iPhone Pro offers muted tones that are probably the sleekest colors we’ve ever seen: gold, green, silver, and space gray.

The most striking feature, however, would be the triple-camera system that makes it easy for anyone to take stunning photos.

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With that being said, all these are now within your reach through various postpaid plans for all your needs. Here's an overview of the basic information you need to know to facilitate your discernment process:


For new users, there are many data options to choose from with respective monthly cash-outs.

For the iPhone 11 (64GB), Globe’s ThePLAN packages range from P599 to P2,999. Here's the monthly consumable data per plan:

  • Plan 599: 2GB 
  • Plan 799: 3GB 
  • Plan 999: 5GB 
  • Plan 1299: 8GB
  • Plan 1499: 10GB 
  • Plan 1799: 15GB 
  • ­Plan 1999: 16GB 
  • Plan 2499: 21GB 
  • Plan 2999: 31GB 

For Smart subscribers, here's what to expect from the different plans under Smart Signature. Initial cash-outs range from P4,210 (Plan XL 2999) and P8,410 (Plan S999). 

  • Plan S 999: 10GB
  • Plan M 1499: 20GB
  • Plan L: 30GB
  • Plan XL: 60GB
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If you’ll simply be renewing your current plans, there are cash-out options available.

For Globe subscribers, the cash-out ranges for the iPhone 11 (64GB) from P9,600 to P37,200 for Plan 599 and Plan 2999, respectively. For the iPhone 11 Pro (64GB), cash-out ranges from P27,600 to P55,200. Lastly, for the iPhone 11 Pro Max (64GB), cash-out prices range from P33,600 to P61,200.

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For Smart subscribers, you can simply “cash-out” by charging the monthly cash-out price to your monthly bill for 24 months. For the iPhone 11 (64GB), fees range from P271 (Plan XL 2999) to P1,271 (Plan S 999) per month. As for the iPhone 11 Pro (64GB), fees range from P1,034 (Plan XL 2999) to P2,034 (Plan S 999) per month. Lastly, for the iPhone 11 Pro Max (64GB), monthly cash-out fees range from P1,284 (Plan XL 2999) to P2,284 (Plan S 999).

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There are cool things to consider when choosing your plan.

A glimpse of what Globe’s ThePLAN offers:

ThePLAN 1799, which frontlines the official website, offers 15GB of data per month with a monthly cash-out of P900 for 24 months. You also get unlimited calls to Globe/TM subscribers and 100 minutes worth of call to all networks. You also get unlimited texts to all networks.

Aside from that, the network also provides 1GB of data for Facebook, and a 6-month subscription to DisneyLife and Amazon Prime Video. You can also expect one month of free gadget care.


A glimpse of what Smart Signature offers:

Smart Signature Device Plan L frontlines the network’s website. This plan comes with monthly 15GB data, Unli AnyNet Texts, Unli On-Net Calls, and 150 minutes worth of AnyNet Calls.

Smart also offers the carrier billing feature. Through this, you can make Apple purchases (like on the App Store, for example) by simply charging it to your phone bill, thus removing the need to whip out your credit card. Under Smart Signature, you can also be in control of your plan by managing your account through the Smart app and even check your bills online.  

For complete details on Globe's plans, visit the official website here.

For complete details on Smart's plans, visit the official website for iPhone 11 and iPhone Pro

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