7 Fabulous Next-Level Luxury Services Offered to the Extremely Wealthy

Personal butlers and chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royces don’t even begin to cover it.
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The world of the one percent is constantly fluctuating and the services that cater to the ultra rich's every whim adjust with their ever-changing interests. Below, we note some of these carefully tailored (and very specific) services.

Supercar Storage

Supercar storage facilities not only keep luxury automobiles in dehumidified and secure garages, but also run the vehicle on an in-house rolling road and offer regular inspections while you’re away. There are also state-of-the-art facilities like RoboVault that act like one giant apartment for supercars, but as secure as a vault, where one would need fingerprint identification or secret codes to open it. 

Philanthropic advisor


Sometimes the rich are too wealthy for their own good, which is why they employ philanthropy advisors to help them sort out which charities are worth distributing their hard-earned wealth to. These professionals help them plan out their investment strategy so they can work toward their long-term philanthropic goals.

Proposal Planning

Marriage proposals are becoming more and more competitive these days, which is why there are proposal planners ready to help those who can afford to create the most magical moment of their lives (apart from the actual wedding day, that is). The whole production has turned into a business that involves blueprints, logistics planning, and 100-person marching bands. These could cost up to $50,000 alone.

Art Rescue

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There’s regular art insurance and then there are art rescue services. We’ve heard of the former, but the latter ensures that one’s precious art collection is rescued once disaster strikes. There are different companies that offer this service but each one goes to extremes to conduct an emergency art rescue. DPR Art Rescue, for instance, collects the artwork in times of disaster and evacuates it to safety in climate-controlled, air-ride trucks.

Financial counseling services for children

Children might have the need to learn about money, no doubt, and when that time comes, a professional can come in to help soften the blow of just how much they're potentially worth. Psychotherapist and executive coach Mark Boyden also offers services to help the children of ultra high net worth individuals cope with the personal burdens that come with wealth. 

Luxury Online Shopping Portal


Even the wealthy indulge in a little online shopping every once in a while, but their purchases might be somewhere in the millions. The website James Edition is similar to eBay's buy-and-sell format but with entries that cost upward of a thousand dollars. The online listing site deals stately mansions, yacht rentals, and jet charters. Those on the lookout for dealers can also find a trusted list of jewelry dealers, jet brokers, and real estate agents on the site.

Art Concierge

Le Royal Monceau in Paris employs the sole art concierge in the luxury hotel business in the city. With eight years of experience, Julie Eugene can virtually get guests a private tour of any museum for a hefty price. Want the Louvre all to yourself or to host a private dinner at the Pompidou Centre? That can easily be arranged.


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