Where To Buy Organic Meat in Manila

In a world where everything is industrially produced, it’s best to consider safe organic meat to ensure good health.

Mostly everything we consume nowadays is industrially produced, and that includes the food we eat. Due to the rise in population and consequently, an increase in the demand for more produce and raw food, firms have found a way to speed up production and make food taste even better. And so, we happily fill our stomachs with juicy burgers, delicious chicken, and salads topped with colorful veggies.

The question is, do we really know how all the produce and meat we eat were cultivated? Some vegetables and fruit might have been grown using chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides that are not only bad for the environment but detrimental to one’s health as well. Chicken, hogs, and cows may have been raised in terrible conditions and fed with more food than they can handle—chemically boosted food, that is.

What is sustainable farming?

Given this context, sustainable farming seems like a very attractive method that will largely benefit man and nature. According to National Geographic, sustainable farming is an umbrella term that encompasses organic, free-range, low-input, holistic, and biodynamic methods. Essentially, it's all about practicing methods that are most “natural,” i.e. those that are closely similar to nature’s ecological processes. 

Why is sustainable farming important?


When produce is grown with no chemicals and only natural fertilizers and pesticides, then the healthier the soil is. A huge part of sustainable farming involves conserving natural resources and using renewable energy. 


Sustainable farming isn’t just about the environment but the people who care for it. Farmers should have stable livelihoods through their work and should be given fair compensations for their produce. Sustainable farming is also about enabling communities.



In practical terms, cultivating the planet and people should make way for profitable growth for the whole system to sustain itself in the long run. That way, current sustainable firms could continue their methods and new firms could enter the market.

At present, industrial farms overfeed their livestock with unnatural food. Some animals also live in highly constrained areas that do not allow them to roam freely. Some animals may even be injected with hormones. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of places where you can get your hands on organic meat from sustainable farms. These foods are not only good for the environment and local farmers but ultimately good for your health. Here’s to farm-to-table feasts!

1. BIOHogs

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Founder of BioHogs "Tito Gerry" came up with the idea of starting his own natural hog farm when he had seen a farm grower refuse to eat his own products. Tito Gerry put in the work and attended various seminars and started learning about feeding methods. Eventually, he came up with his own natural hog feed mix. Since then, BIOHogs has been producing its own organic pork, chicken, and duck on a farm in Tarlac.

Available at Healthy Options and Real Food.

2. Down to Earth 

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Located in Bukidnon, Down to Earth is one of the few biodynamic farms in the Philippines that strongly advocates sustainable farming. The brand explains the difference between organic and biodynamic farming is this philosophy: biodynamic farming sees everything as part of the universe and isn’t just concerned with the details of the farm as a unit. The farm produces vegetables, grass-fed beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. Aside from that, it even cooks ketogenic and paleo meals that are good for sharing.

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Available at The Salcedo Market, Jaime Velasquez Park, Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village every Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.; Mara's Organic Market (Legaspi Park): Legaspi Park, corner Rufino St., Makati every Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

3. Real Food

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Real Food is your “healthy neighborhood grocer.” Consider this place a one-stop-shop for everything organic. The brand prides itself with the fact that 90 percent of its merchandise is locally sourced—that means it's helping out a lot of Filipino farmers. Real Food doesn’t just offer fresh produce and raw meat but prepared snacks and meals as well.

Available at Upmarket, Makati Place; Molito Lifestyle Mall, Muntinlupa City; ICON Showroom Building, BGC

    Also available online at Real Food and Metro Mart.

    4. Kitayama Wagyu Beef

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    Cows should be treated well and Kitayama understands that. This organic brand raises Wagyu cows with “champion lineages” in the foothills of Mt. Kitanglad and aren’t given any hormones or enhancers. The result is premium Wagyu beef with marbling that makes it fantastic.

    Available at Real Food and Rare Food Shop

    5. Bolzico Beef

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    Another beef brand Rare Food Shop carries is Bolzico Beef. The Black Angus beef imported from Argentina is grass-fed, pasture-raised, and hormone-free.

    Available at Rare Food Shop.

    6. The Butchery 

    The Butchery is primarily known for its organic craft artisan sausages that taste as good as they look. The brand also offers an array of chicken products such as Rosemary Lemongrass Spring Chicken and Kashmiri Masala Chicken Wings. Bottled products include butter, pesto, and even sweet potato fries. Everything is free from preservatives, fillers, extenders, and chemical ingredients.


    Place your orders through 0917.795.5005 or check out their website for their partner stores.

    7. Sambali Beach Farm

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    What started as a small garden for a family beach house in Botolan, Zambales, grew into a full-fledged sustainable beach farm and Airbnb as well. The eight-hectare property is home to fresh vegetable produce and livestock. It makes use of methods such as Bokashi (using wastes to clear out waterways), Vermi Compost, and Biochar (charcoal from agricultural waste used to enrich the soil). What’s more is that visitors can learn firsthand about sustainable farming during their stay.

    Place your orders through 0917.816.2606 or book a stay here

    8. Holy Carabao

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    Established in 2007, Holy Carabao was founded by Hindy Weber-Tantoco and Melanie Teng-Go. What differentiates it from others is it practices holistic farming which is “inspired by organic, biodynamic, and permaculture principles.” The brand offers everything from meat and poultry, dairy products, vegetables, and special gift bundles.

    Available at Holy Carabao.

    9. Just Eggs

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    At Just Eggs, chickens roam freely in a stress-free environment and are only fed with naturally grown products from the farm itself. The brand believes in “offering the best chicken eggs to the public by giving the hens the best possible natural environment.” It has been cultivating all-natural, free-range eggs since 2015 and owns around 200 chickens.

    Available at Healthy Options.

    10. Good Food Co.

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    Founded by Charlene Tan, Good Food Co. is all about building a sustainable farming community by connecting city dwellers to local farmers through Community Shared Agriculture. This allows people from urban areas to support farming through farm share subscriptions. You’ll not only have hefty bags of fresh produce delivered to your doorstep but help sustain small holder farmers in the long run.


    Available at Healthy Options.

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