8 Ways to Help Save the Earth From Your Own Home

Why not turn your home into an oasis of green living that can genuinely help the environment?

It’s summer, says the sweat on the back of your neck.

With scorching heat leaving throats as dry as deserts, it has become that time of year when cold water is a solace and air conditioning units are your best friends.

This has become the new normal, as the effects of global warming become more and more apparent. The past decade alone has seen four of the 10 most catastrophic storms in Philippine history, with Typhoon Haiyan claiming over 6,000 lives in 2013.

And it’s not just here at home either. A 2016 report showed the overall world temperature then was at a record high for the third year in a row. A more recent 2018 study even found that Antarctica has lost 3 trillion tons of ice since 1992.

This global shift has led to vast social changes that aim to lessen the effects of climate change. The city of Makati, for example, famously banned plastic bags in 2013 in an effort to curb the usage of the pollutant. Another is the recent rise of metal straws, which have become popular among the youth. But these are but small solutions. Why not go the extra mile and turn your home into something that can genuinely help save the environment?

While it’s admittedly hard to make the change into a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, take a look at different products that you can install to make green living part of your home. 

Big Ass Fans


Summer heat usually brings to mind one thing: air-conditioning. But why spend thousands of pesos on electricity when you can go over to Philippine Geogreen and make that simple problem go away with Big Ass Fans’ Haiku Fans? Gone are the days of chunky fans gracing your ceilings, as these energy saving bad boys (only 30 watts!) have custom aesthetics to make sure you get the right fit for your home.

Built with eco-friendly and durable Moso bamboo, these fans ensure versatility with seven different speeds and are built with technology that allows them to adjust accordingly to the climate of your room. Philippine Geogreen, Level 2, Rockwell Power Plant Mall

Atmospheric Water Generator

Turn humidity into your best friend this summer with Philippine Geogreen's Atmospheric Water Generator. By extracting water from humid ambient air, this device renders and filters it all into clean and potable water that you can drink.

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It doesn’t require any of the plastic waste that usually comes with conventional water generators or dispensers, allowing you to go completely green for one of our body’s greatest needs. Philippine Geogreen, Level 2, Rockwell Power Plant Mall

Rainsaver Tank

For a country that spends half of the year drenched in rain, the Rainsaver Tank is a must-have home product. Manufactured by Weida Philippines, the Rainsaver Tank is for reusing rainwater that often goes to waste.

It uses a rain harvesting system and a filtration system to turn your rainwater to potable water available for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Furthermore, it also removes the need for plastic containers that may otherwise contribute to the non-biodegradable waste in the country. For more information, visit Weida Philippines



The term "bamboo architecture' has often conjured images of provincial homes sitting on rice fields. But no more. Matimco, the Philippine’s leading wood supplier, now lets you incorporate traditional Filipino design into your home through Muzu, its version of bamboo made flooring and decks. Described to be both eco-friendly and contemporary, Muzu features a durable UV coat and natural oils that allow it to be sturdier compared to conventional woods and newer plastic composite floorings. For more information, visit Matimco.

Green Roof Coating

A green roof is a cool roof. This cutting-edge product ensures that our homes are as cool as can be. By allowing heat to bounce back into the atmosphere rather than it being absorbed, Green Roof Coating allows buildings to be cooler, all while reducing solar greenhouse effects and extending the lifetime of your roof. It even has the added benefit of being able to reduce roof surface temperature and lower peak energy demand, which is perfect for Filipino weather. Philippine Geogreen, Level 2, Rockwell Power Plant Mall


M.A.DI. Home

In a country plagued with natural disasters regularly, you want to be prepared for anything. With a M.A.DI. Home you can do just that with little to no carbon footprinting and a short six- to seven-hour construction period. This ingenious home was designed by an Italian architect, Renato Vidal, with the aim of creating an unfoldable modular living unit that is sustainable, earthquake resistant, and transportable. It makes use of an A-shaped design, which also does not consume soil or need foundations like conventional homes. For more information, visit M.A.DI. Home.  

Onyx Solar


Onyx Solar marries aesthetics with energy efficiency better than anyone else in the business. This company aims to make green living inherent in your home’s design and construction as the world’s leading manufacturer of transparent photovoltaic glass, a new energy and heat absorbing technology. With Onyx Solar’s new take on glass, it creates clean energy and essentially makes anything glass into a generator, all while being a thermal insulator blocking 99 percent of harmful UV radiation. Go to Onxy Solar for more information.

Solatube Daylighting Systems

Why use plain old lightbulbs when you have the sun on your side? Solatube Daylighting System is a revolutionary new way of lighting your home without electricity. It utilizes leak-free and reflective pipes that bring natural sunlight straight into even the most enclosed of rooms. With installments easily done under two hours, these pipes are an easy, hassle-free way to bring green living into your life. Philippine Geogreen, Level 2, Rockwell Power Plant Mall


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