Tim Yap's Fabulously Creative Halloween Costumes Through the Years


No one makes Halloween costumes look as fantastic as Tim Yap does—based on all the outfits he’s pulled off whenever he’s in Manila for the occasion.

It all began when Ayala Malls commissioned the media personality and successful entrepreneur to throw a big Halloween Costume Ball to celebrate the opening of the Greenbelt's new wing. He did this for two years before moving the massive parties to his clubs.

He dressed up as Peter Pan on the first year. “My simplest costume,” Yap says. “It was made by Michele Sison with makeup by Henri Calayag.” But of course, something made the simple outfit magical. “Robby Carmona used trusses and made me fly all over the venue, while I sprinkled fairy dust all over the audience. From then on, I never looked back,” he shares.

His costumes became more epic by the year as he dominated social media and the newspapers with people astounded by the creativity that went into each Halloween masterpiece. “There’s always a level of difficulty each year,” he says. Sometimes it’s the size such as when I dressed up as a life-sized Buzz Lightyear or the width as when I had larger-than-the-club-door wings when I came in as Dota. Sometimes it’s the fact that I had to be carried into my costume because it was so tall like when I was an eight-foot-tall Optimus Prime or when I was an even bigger Groot!” he shares.

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An early 2000s Halloween with Solenn Heussaff, who did his makeup


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As Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear

I AM GROOT. #Halloween2015

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As Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

“Another time, the metals that I had attached to my body as Edward Scissorhands made it hard because of the many metal detectors we had at the venues. When I dressed up as Gru of Despicable Me was also challenging because no one recognized me and I had little people around me dressed up as yellow minions as my entourage. There was a time I came in as a vampire and I had to be carried… inside a coffin! I also remember coming as a giant altar by Cary Santiago, as Notorious T.I.M., complete with an all-black entourage and much more.”

As an altar, designed by Cary Santiago

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The effort and time that go into planning his costumes take between a week to months. “It depends because I have to be inspired and I have to really want to be that character for me to really pursue it,” he shares. Last year, he dressed up as Donald Trump, his favorite so far and which he says was “relatively easier to do—prosthetics, bodysuit, and all. The last costume will always be my favorite, in the case of Donald Trump, it was also too timely—right before the U.S. elections—and then it was on CNN the next day!”

Still can't believe it. #ElectionNight

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As a medieval knight

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As a Game of Thrones knight in Italy for Halloween 2015

While we all look forward to seeing his next big Halloween costume next weekend, Yap says he won’t be in Manila to celebrate. “I have a couple of ideas, but for the first time in many years I will be in New York for Halloween so I won’t have the luxury having my team in Manila help me.” 

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