Can You Really Get Rid of Cellulite?

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Ladies without thigh gaps rejoiced when the first mechanized cellulite reduction treatment, Endermologie (EDM), was approved by the FDA in 1998. Today, we have EDM+S.L.I.M., a noninvasive and highly effective solution to cellulite, which, unlike fat, cannot always be reduced by exercise or diets. This is also why even the slimmest people have cellulite as a result of aging and a slower metabolism.

“EDM+S.L.I.M. is the much improved version of the already successful Endermologie treatment,” says Dr. Shyla Valdez of Facial Care Centre and Marie France, which carry the machine. “It comes with a roller that’s 50 percent more effective in tissue grabbing so it covers more areas with cellulite like the thighs, legs, stomach, and buttocks. It also works on fat cells and skin sagging.”

The EDM+S.L.I.M. machine works effectively on thighs, stomach, and legs

The Marie France clinic

The treatment is similar to a deep tissue massage with a lot of kneading, thanks to its three lipo-massage movements. “The Roll-up movement gently yet intensively conditions skin tissues to eliminate fat deposits and revitalize blood and lymphatic circulation; Roll-in reactivates the elimination of resistant fat; and Roll-out revitalizes collagen production and stimulates fibroblasts to firm the skin,” adds Valdez. The machine relies on the mechanical movements of its head to stimulate and reactivate the brown adipose tissues of the skin responsible for eliminating cellulite. Its trademark “Roll” stimulations soften the tissues that trap fat cells and eventually restart lymphatic circulation and eliminate localized fat. The treatment only takes 35 minutes per session and requires at least six sessions to see the best results.

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Marie France Center, 30th Floor, MDC 100 Building, E. Rodriguez corner Eastwood Avenue, Quezon City; 894.2639.

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