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The Truly Rich Lady Refrains From Posting Every Thought, Action, or Meal on Social Media

Do we really have to know about people’s innermost feelings and their most mundane activities? 

Oh my! Is this how people are doing things nowadays? Declaring their unfiltered thoughts through the massively open platforms of social media? And worse, why do people even have such thoughts?

The ancestors, on whose lissome bones the Truly Rich World was built upon, would roll in their graves if they knew how the doors of propriety have been torn apart from their hinges. I imagine Truly Rich Great-Great-Grandma reaching up with a bony arm and then, with a still-bejewled ring finger, pressing the stop button on the iPhone broadcasting a stream of incoherent babbling and emotional showboating to the world. Is nothing sacred anymore? Do we really have to know about people’s innermost feelings and their most mundane activities? 

But! But! I do admit that I, Si-si Coo, am not immune to the temptation of gossip and therefore, will secretly watch the replay of the video of that Not Quite Truly Rich Lady who recently shared her life over the tiny but limitless screen of a mobile phone. 

The details are like a James Joyce novel, and they bore me, so I asked my Capable Assistant, who is into these things (I have to double check her background again) to explain. She told me that NQTRL had been embroiled in a minor scandal when she was caught on tape, or rather, social media, with an off-putting reaction to someone she was about to help. The live broadcast of her charitable act revealed her giggling about something related to a person in need of something or many things. My brain hurts. 


Of course, the good people of the Internet were quick to jump on this tasty morsel. Many say she was reacting to the poor grammar. Others say she was laughing at the confusing manner of the request. Still others point out that, whatever the reason for the chuckles, she shouldn’t have laughed for all the world to see. I say she shouldn't have laughed at all even behind closed doors.

But again, let she without sin cast the first stone already. Even I, Si-si Coo, a Truly Rich Lady of good standing in the Truly Rich World, have found myself in several situations when my true emotions were at odds with the proper manners I should project.   

Because what if you cannot stand the third wife of the new dignitary? Or what if the new baby of your Truly Rich Friend is—what’s the most polite word—ugly? What if the sweet grandmother you are hugging suddenly farts? Or what if you bump into your friend's philandering husband? What do you do?

It is during these times that I thank my long years of training as a child of parents who entertained like there was no tomorrow. One of the most important lessons my Truly Rich Mom and Pop drilled into my skull is this: “Beloved Si-si, think only happy thoughts—even if your feet hurt.” 

So I think about old-fashioned vanilla cake and then smile at the pointy face of an unbearable guest. And I say to my Truly Rich Friend: “Your baby is healthy.” I continue to hug the old granny. And I remain civil to the friend's cheating husband. 

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And then, when the curtains are drawn, I say a little prayer and whisper: “I cannot stand that godawful woman; maybe the ugly baby will turn out supersmart; that douchebag should die now and go to hell.” 

Maybe I say those words to myself. Maybe I say them to my Truly Rich Best Friend, who is my partner in crime and will keep these thoughts to herself (for I know a lot about her horrid true thoughts, too!). But either way, I will release them, because I will go crazy if I keep them in.

I mean, how do you not address the gas that defeated your Creed Fleurissimo? You can speak your thoughts on the matter, but in private! That’s the lesson.

Another lesson? The Not Quite Truly Rich World is just too much. With their lineless faces and peaceful smiles (or big laughs), they bare their lives to the world in the name of being real. But there are discussions that should be kept under lock and key and, more importantly, matters you cannot laugh about especially when they're not supposed to be funny.

If we say what we truly think and show how we truly feel at all times, no one would ever come out alive from a party. A level of courtesy is required to keep the peace. Just imagine what would happen if everyone giggled every time someone pronounced an “f” as a “p” or conjugated a verb wrong. There would be many misunderstandings. The air will be filled, not with stomach gas, but with bad vibrations. Society would crumble.


What happened was a situation most grave. Despite the Not Quite Truly Rich Lady’s recent apology, it is still impossible to digest her naked guffawing when put in context with another person’s vulnerability. It was more than unpleasant to watch and must have been even harder to swallow for all the folks who are not as blessed in life as the NQTRL. Even if it was not her intention, it was like jabbing a bejeweled finger into the wound of their sorrows.

She should've suppressed those smiles and that laughter. Better yet, she should've decided against broadcasting her life to the rest of the world! I still can’t believe that this is what people do now.   

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