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The 6 Kinds of People in the Truly Rich Lady's Beautiful But Crazy World

In truth, the Truly Rich World is like a James Ivory movie inhabited by many interesting and well-dressed characters.

In truth, the Truly Rich World is like a James Ivory movie, a beautiful but crazy place inhabited by many interesting and well-dressed characters.

Some are there to lend a helping hand. Some are there to drag you down. And it is nigh impossible to survive without a cast of friends, who will guide you, comfort you, or keep you on your toes. Here, a few people that you Truly Rich Ladies and Gentlemen have already met or will meet in your lifetime.

1. The Empress
She is the final authority on all things, and her advice is usually right. Because she is ancient (they say she was born when the mountains were still young) and related to all the prominent families either by blood or marriage, she is held in great esteem and affection. The Empress lives in a perpetual state of calm in a place far and away (and above) everyone else. How to deal with her: With reverence. You want to be on her side because her word has weight.

2. The Mentor

She is that older glamorous woman that showed you the ropes, connected you to insiders, and pushed you in the right direction. You will never forget the very first lesson she taught you: After a devastating failure that made you cry (in the bathroom), she told you to always remember that “your number one client is yourself!” How to deal with her: There is still much to learn. Be receptive of both advice and criticism.

3. The Nanny


The literal nanny. Some Truly Rich Households practice a hands-off approach when it comes to rearing Truly Rich Children so it falls to the Nanny to do the messy things like cleaning up baby poop and, later on, comforting a young woman sobbing quietly in her bedroom because a horrid man-ster broke her heart. How to deal with her: Lavish upon her love as if she was your real mother.

4. The Complicated Love

A great love can turn out to be a jerk when money enters the equation. He can fly the coop after realizing that your fortune is substantially less than what Forbes has published. He can feign romance for the sake of a business alliance, leaving your romantic heart disillusioned and shattered. How to deal with him: With heart eyes forever! No. Even if you have been dating since kindergarten, use all will to resist him when things go sour.

5. The Insider

Because the Truly Rich World runs on the fumes generated by the friction of many secrets, the Insider, a very well-connected person knows, not only all the people that matter, but also all the events that happen to them. The Insider can be an important ally, a fearsome foe, or really just splendid company. The real reason why Bitter Wife went berserk on Shamed Husband is very important brunch conversation. How to deal with her: With care. Keeping in touch means knowing things, but be aware of what you share. Never share your deepest, darkest secret (a designer impostor handbag collection!) or that will surely be her latest scoop.

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6. The Mirror

This paragon of moral virtue is the perfect reflection of the upstanding woman. She submits herself to the rules of God and, more importantly, good taste and social etiquette. In other words, she’s a goody two shoes! And before her, you measure yourself: Should you start practicing vespers like she does? Must you acquire a set of mother-of-pearl shrimp forks like she did? And what is the secret to her super shiny hair? (It is Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar!) How to deal with her: Perfection can be annoying, but you must not compare yourself with her. Stay in her good company to learn her secrets.

7. The Thorn

This is that one person in your circle who for some reason does not like you at all. For years, you have circled each other quietly, observing but never commenting on what each other does. To be honest, she irritates you (her flower arrangements are to die for), and you irritate her (your command of the Latin dances is unquestionable). In other words, you have kept each other on your toes. It is really exciting! How to deal with her: If treated with care, The Thorn can become a friend. It is, after all, the differences that make life colorful.


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