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The Perfect Luxury Car For Every Type of Mom

These fabulous rides give a whole new meaning to the mommy mobile.
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For the Crunchy Mom

When this mom's city home has a mini farm in the backyard and her daughter, aptly named Amaranth, eats only organic, fair-trade food, of course her practical mode of transport is at least hybrid. The Prius is the guilt-free vehicle of the green living advocate. At high speeds, it can cover nearly 20 kilometers on a single liter of gasoline (or 25 kilometers per liter for city driving), perfect for this mom’s weekly trips from Alabang to Makati for Bikram yoga classes or delivering homemade kombucha to members of her green living circle. The new Prius also impressively combines efficiency with comfort with spacious seats, foldable rear seats for extra cargo space, and a hi-tech infotainment system, among others, making it a great pick even for those who are simply looking for an environment-friendly, fuel-efficient ride.

For the Hipster Mom


In between watching classic Disney cartoons and having painting sessions with her toddler, this mom listens to her collection of vinyl records and processes Lomography pictures. The classic MINI Cooper was the car her dad took her driving around town when she was a child, and the memories in that ‘little car that could’ kind of never left her, which makes this modern and bigger MINI the nostalgic yet practical choice for this cool mom. While its stance resembles the original look of the MINI Cooper, this four-wheel drive, subcompact SUV is taller and more spacious, allowing up to five people to comfortably sit in its premium interior seats. Its rear seats are also foldable for extra space, say, for weekend country drives. With upgraded interiors (6.5-inch multi-function touch screen display, panoramic sunroof, proximity key, rearview camera, Bluetooth) and revamped exteriors no other crossover can look and feel as hip as this. 

For the Perfect Mom

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This mom manages to look great doing everything motherhood entails, from attending PTAs to hosting play dates. Her children are as groomed as she is and her home is spic and span. As beautiful, slender, confident, and put-together as this supermom, this supercar is a dream. The Aston Martin DB11 is elegantly crafted inside and out, featuring an array of detailing options and sumptuous leathers, a 12-inch LCD display screen and an 8-inch infotainment center screen, a B&O sound system, and a perfectly proportioned bold exterior, among many other plush offerings. As the most powerful DB production model ever created, this twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter V12 engine is the most exhilarating ride to satisfy the Perfect Mom.

For the CEO Mom

Hardworking and strong yet she knows how and when to have fun, the CEO Mom knows that her car is an extension of herself. Her vehicle of choice combines premium performance with comfort and luxury, no less. The Porsche Panamera has a sleek, strong stance that looks classy but evokes coolness and adventure at the same time. For the executive who also enjoys driving once in a while—going to the weekend home in the country, for instance—the Panamera is the perfect companion, featuring the wonders of a sports car, from a correctly proportioned driving seat to its remarkable highway power. On work days, her ride is easily an extension of her office, fully connected online, or a relaxing space (Manila traffic is the worst!) with spacious and comfortable power seats with available massage function in the front and rear.


For the Mom With a Basketball Team

Sometimes people assume she’s a devout Catholic, but the truth is she simply wanted lots of kids. It doesn't matter because, like Wonder Woman, she can keep everything together. From driving all her five children to school and piano/ soccer/ ballet lessons to getting them all back home, this mom can comfortably fit all her children in this seven-seater luxury SUV, which features exceptional interiors and a premium entertainment system—flat screens for movies, games, and more on the second row seats, two DVD players, wireless headsets, and an optional B&O sound system to keep the kids entertained throughout the ride. With an optional panorama sunroof, advanced driver assistance technologies, and its four-wheel Airmatic Suspension to go with lots of interior space, this car is perfect for this one big happy family. 

For Helicopter/ Lawnmower Mom


We all know why the Helicopter Mom hovers over her daughter or the Lawnmower Mom is always one step ahead of her kids, smoothening their paths. She just wants everything to go right. Well, having them inside one of the world’s safest cars means there’d be one less thing to think about. The Volvo XC60 is packed with safety features she won’t find in any other midsize SUV crossover. Its latest model uses ultra-high-strength boron steel, for instance, which provides a strong safety cell around the car. It’s also highly rated for its feature that uses camera and radar to spot pedestrians, vehicles, and animals ahead, warns for possible collision, applies the brakes when the driver misses.

For the Mom Scout

The grownup Girl Scout has everything ready. Ask her for anything—wipes,   sanitizer, emergency snacks, water, first aid kit, toolkit—and she’s sure to have it. Of course she wants her choice of vehicle to have everything covered. The BMW X5 is the Sports Activity Vehicle perfect for the Mom Scout, taking her and the kids comfortably from city to country to off-road. Its xDrive system guarantees grip and traction on tough surfaces, while its all-weather run-flat tires allow anyone to drive for up to 80 kilometers after puncture, enough to find a place to change tires. Inside, rear seats with extra legroom and 10.2-inch LCD screens ensure comfort and entertainment. Also offered for the X5 are side and top view cameras, whose sight is projected on the car’s iDrive touchscreen, and nonstop connectivity through its WiFi hotspot and Wireless Charging Pocket.


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