The Truly Rich Lady's Examination of Conscience: The 7 Deadly Social Sins

'To the Higher Power I pray because I know I have committed, in fact, the seven most serious. I am truly rich, but I am also human.'

No, no, no—I am not on a secret island somewhere in the Atlantic right now. I am not sipping a tall tumbler of watermelon sangria, while silently booing the taut bodies of 20-somethings. I am not doing all those things because it is Holy Week, a time for prayer, kneeling, sacrifice, and all sorts of religious activity.

I am actually thinking about many things because it is very quiet here at the place where I am at—which is not a private beach—and I find that I have sinned many times over. After breakfast, I make my way to a private chapel to, as they say, examine my conscience. To the Higher Power I pray because I know I have committed, in fact, the seven most serious. I am truly rich, but I am also human.

The Truly Rich Lady Should Never Be Greedy For Likes

Yesterday, I told myself that I want the six likes on the photo I took of a broken Machuca tile I found in the garden to become 10. Followers, is that too much to ask?

Thankfully I came to my senses. I am a social media newbie and already I’ve fallen into the trap of having a “continual lust for more” (Ephesians 4:19—thank you, Bible study) likes, clicks, happy faces, and whatever else. I should really be content with the six likes, one of which came from New Yaya and the other my Truly Rich Mother.

The Truly Rich Lady Should Never Fall Into Laziness

Yes, I am a perfectionist and also addicted to civet “cat poo” coffee, but sometimes, in frustration, I just do not want to do things anymore. A dinner party from last year comes to mind: A few hours before the event, I had no proper flower arrangements (must have seven kinds of blooms and have to be a certain height), so I said the most horrible thing to my assistant: “That will do.” And then I had a cat nap. The party was a moderate hit, and I blame it on the uninspiring arrangements.


The Truly Rich Lady Should Never Lust for Things

It is so embarrassing to say that I, the Truly Rich Lady, do not lust for sensual pleasures (I am part nun!), but instead crave for something else: a single-plank huanghuali wood table I saw at the home of an old friend. It is the perfect height for a grand sitting room, and the finish and fragrance are magnificent!

Obviously, I can just get another piece, but the heart wants what it wants. I still keep tabs on this particular antique huanghuali. I should stop. I know.

The Truly Rich Lady Should Never Unleash Her Inner Wrath

I do not think I am quick to anger. In fact, I am very patient, as I once waited for a man to say those most important words: “Will you… have this Birkin?”

The little annoyances in life I mostly disregard, but these do pile up in my heart. One day, when the heart is full of thorns, it will just burst and then out will flow red-hot anger. Maybe, when this happens, I will be talking to the new shop associate of my favorite flower vendor, and she will be insisting on mums for my arrangements. And I will say to her: “I said I don’t want mums! Can’t you understand that? No mums! No.”

Oops. I will apologize immediately.

The Truly Rich Lady Should Never Be A Glutton For Excess

Am I totally exempt from this because I am fastidious about eating well? But maybe the extreme following of a meal plan is also a form of gluttony? Maybe being overzealous about what you do not put in your body is also greedy?

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I know it can be overbearing, as when fellow dieters maneuver to change restaurant plans because they can’t eat anything on the regular menu. (I don’t do this!)

The Truly Rich Lady Should Not Envy Her Truly Rich Frenemy

It is a fact of life that someone else will be thinner, richer, and more beautiful than you. The innocuous occasion of the baby shower of a Truly Rich Friend can turn into a moment of green-eyed envy. “Her sister looks so beautiful… with her beautiful new nose.” “Her baby is adorable, but too bad he’s a little dark.” “Their company is doing so well, even if, I hear, the service is crap.”

I try my very best to avoid this kind of talk. Actually, when I can’t stand a person (who may be thinner, richer, and more beautiful—or just horrible), I politely make my out the door.

The Truly Rich Lady Should Never Indulge Her Pride

Every day I pinch myself because I cannot believe how blessed I am. I also say to myself that I do not deserve all of this, because it is my parents and their parents and their parents who built the things I enjoy now. But there can be moments when the Truly Rich Lady acts improperly, expecting that she be served first and better at, say, everywhere, because of her last name. When that happens, I just have to pinch myself harder.

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