Why The Truly Rich Lady Prefers to Save the Weekend, Instead of Spending It

Weekend pursuits are lovely, but sometimes we need to close our eyes for 48 hours. See you on Monday.

During another polite conversation at another polite soiree, a dinner companion asked: “Si-si Coo, how are you going to spend the weekend? I’m sure you have something exciting planned.”

“Well, instead of spending the weekend, I think I will save it,” I replied. “Thank you for that question, Career Banker.”

As soon as the words escaped my lips, the entire table of assorted Truly Rich People looked at me with interesting expressions. Some were surprised, others disgusted, and one or two looked absolutely angry as if it was a sin to put our feet up on the weekend.

And just as quickly as they judged my allegiance to the art of lying down, my polite friends reset their faces into absolute serenity. Nothing to see here but a micro scoop of lemon butter sorbet, our palate cleanser, which was a little sour.

I know other people who would also disapprove of doing nothing on the weekend: the dead and gone Coos buried in our family crypt. Those sleeping in urns would probably release a dusty wail. How dare I, the Truly Rich Descendant, who now enjoys the fruits of all their hard work decide to not do anything to further grow the fortune, help the less fortunate (our neighbor who only buys Asian cars), or, at least, enrich myself with random pursuits such as mastering the art of tree shaping?

When I was a young girl, my Truly Rich Parents made sure my weekends were packed. I was enrolled in French language lessons (Mandarin was not yet in vogue), pottery, baking, singing (my tutor said I had “the unsupported voice of a thin Maria Callas”), the harp, the piano, the flute, etiquette (this I learned more from the family), and other worthwhile matters like cross-stitching a pillowcase. I finally slowed down my weekend education when I realized I could invoke the most powerful word in the world: “No!” 


I also invoked the Bible, which declares that no one, including our livestock, should do work on Sunday. “Who are you, Truly Rich Mother, to defy God? If our Lord says that we should not do anything and just watch television in bed, we should do it,” I said to my Truly Rich Mother long ago. What happened next? She lovingly pinched my right ears and dragged me to the closet. Bonsai lessons started in 15 minutes.

Also, there is a film called Never on a Sunday, and I think it also commands you to never do anything on weekends. (I may be wrong about this movie for I did not understand it.)

I say we need a break from running at all cylinders in pursuit of finding the cure for cancer or whatever else workers do on weekdays. And, to be honest, we also need a break from seeing each other. I mean, I love all my Truly Rich Friends from the Very Important Charity Organization but if I have to hear how Lali almost died because she choked on a small piece of lobster shell (to be fair to the establishment, Lali attacked the buffet with too much vigor), I am going to scream.

Doing nothing doesn’t really mean you are doing nothing, for the absolute definition of doing nothing means you are dead. For me, the Truly Rich Lady, doing nothing on the weekend means resetting my beautiful body, my brain, my heart, and my very soul.

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Maybe I don’t have to wake up at 5:45 a.m. today. Maybe I can wake up at 6 a.m. Old Cook can have my breakfast of pancakes and eggs brought up to my room (I also do nothing for my diet, as I take a break from it on some weekends), and I can eat in peace. There is no TV or radio or even scrolling through the Internet on my new best friend, my phone. I just want to hear the sound of toast crumbling in my mouth as I take a dainty bite from it. I just want to remember what sugar tastes like. I just want to hear my heart beating. I even lock the door sometimes because my Truly Rich Mother might break my reverie. I can stay in my room all day if you dare me. 

This sounds so dramatic, but you should try it. I think much of the world has forgotten how to stay still. We live in a time when every moment has to be filled and everything you do has to be shouted from the rooftops. I jogged for 10 minutes at five in the morning on Saturday! I bought a locally made, eco-conscious cocktail bag for a good cause on Sunday! I have proof on all my social media accounts! It’s as if when you do nothing you are not alive or, for some, not worthy. 

But there is worth in slowing down, especially when you’ve been running around like a crazy woman all week long. After a brief respite from the drudgery of everyday living, you can, like my friend Lali, attack life with much vigor. You’ll be more energized, more inspired, more motivated to do what needs to be done. You will also have the strength to be around all the lovely people that make up your world again.  


So when someone asks what you did over the weekend, do not be ashamed to tell the truth: Say you did nothing at all and just took care of what matters, your soul.

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