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What Really Happens When Truly Rich Ladies Hang Out?

Where they go, what they do, what they talk about.

The best day of the week for me is Monday.

While the busy bees of the world get back to their good work, my Truly Rich Best Friends and I make our way to an informal convocation, where we discuss important matters such as how best to gather those stickers from the supermarket so we can get a Waterford tumbler for free, if Handsome Husband of She-EO really did get hair plugs and a nose job (in Korea), and which restaurants we will explore next. Most recently, it was a ’50s-themed sandwich spot found on the topmost floor of a shopping mall. Yes, the mall.

Contrary to what people think, we enjoy simple pleasures. Sure, there are the usual diversions like sailing or riding or tennis. And yes, there is lamb rendang at the old Nielson Tower, but we also like to meet at casual and popular places (one of us follows a mommy blog—she is super lonely). Previous selections have included this streetside taco spot found in what my nephews tell me is the hottest district right now and one of the new ramen/yakitori/kaiseki/ tonkatsu restaurants that seems to open every week. And if you’re wondering about my diet, let’s just say that I’m more lenient when no one’s watching. Besides, there is technology!

Over three double cheeseburgers, three orders of french fries, and three cherry pies (and those were all for me), we came to the conclusion that it would be much easier to buy the Waterford glasses outright, the hair plugs were inconclusive but the nose positive (BFF Three got really close at a party), and this burger place was worth it. I got two buffalo burgers for my nephews to go.


Of course, shopping is on the agenda after lunch. Well, actually, it’s shopping at a mall in Hong Kong. The selection and prices make the trip so worth it during sale season and the commute is just under two hours, which is sometimes the length of time it takes from point A to B in this town. There are two schools of thought when it comes to shopping: There is Truly Rich BFF Two, honorary chair of several do-gooder organizations and a secret slave to fashion, who believes in frequency. She rolls into Blahnik, heads to the nude, pointy-toe, cross-strap slingbacks, and orders the style in every shade. She does this at every stop, so that by the end of the day, our limousine is stuffed with beribboned bags of the same-ish things!

And there is Truly Rich BFF One, a tech exec/ COO/ mother/ amateur baker, who only shops once or twice a year. To describe these jaunts as shopping sprees is insufficient. Do you know how, when you see a space that is perfect for your pet project—like a Healthy Food Shop—you just buy the whole building that contains the space? It’s like that. BFF One nearly empties a store, snapping up all the shirtdresses, shifts, and shoes she’ll wear for the year and beyond. I call her a super spender of the first order. Rumors are she was one of the just over 400 clients invited to Palermo for an altamoda show. She denies it, but I know she wasn't in Manila at the beginning of June.  

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And then there is me. BFF Two whispered to BFF One that she was worried about me during our most recent Queens’ Road shopping trip because I "only looked." What she does not know is that I am currently renovating the second floor of a second home (I’m doing Kelly Wearstler gloss meets Morris & Co wallpaper), so it is décor and curtains that are on my mind.

You know what else we planned today that will be so much fun to do together later this week? Throwing an impromptu (but totally planned) dinner party so I can practice my cooking skills! This will entail dusting off my grandmother’s lemon chicken recipe, ordering the dishes that are too difficult to cook (and then reheating them), putting together an excellent cheese tray, and gathering all the desserts from home bakers that I’ve always wanted to try.

I will also give my Truly Rich BFFs a tour of my house because I am constantly redecorating. They are sick of this but I really don't care. We will have such a good time just talking and eating that we will forget it’s already 9 in the evening—way past our bedtimes!

Okay, all this may sound like we're some of those crazy TV moms who loll around town in big sunglasses by day and throw pink cocktails at each other at night. It’s not like that.

We also discussed how best to help the displaced residents of Marawi (they need food that can be eaten right away and blankets and mats for sleeping). Then BFF Four ducked out to receive an emergency call from her executive assistant about the cook buying the wrong brand of baguettes for dinner. I must say BFF Four calmly handled the crisis while finishing her avocado and bacon burger. That's when I started a debate on the subject of Kate Middleton’s new hairdo. It’s a long bob! No need to go crazy, ladies!


Point is, we love the simple leisures of lady-bonding and enjoy good old fun, but we also engage in serious stuff. There are enough days in a week to do everything.

Got questions for the Truly Rich Lady? E-mail [email protected]

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