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What Would a Modern-Day Marie Antoinette Smell Like?

The fragrance of France's most historic personalities is now in a bottle.
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King Louis XIV had an immense love of fragrances. He was known to have had a personal perfumer named Martial, who created a new perfume every day of the week. French writer duc de Saint-Simon stated that the king had worn so many perfumes that by the end of his reign, “hecould not bear any, except for the odor of the orange flower,” which was his favorite scent. Then there was his beloved wife, Marie-Antoinette, who also knew her fragrances quite well. She was fond of essential oils, most especially the tuberose due to its sensual, floral, and wooded scent. These royals’ favorite scents are recreated by Historiae, a new French fragrance line now in Manila. Its Orangerie Du Roy inspired by King Louis XIV allows you to rediscover the orange blossom, whereas the Bouquet du Trianon, a combination of Marie-Antoinette’s favorite scents, exemplifies the sophistication of her personality. These fragrances are based on traditional, well-loved scents with a modern twist.

Historiae is inspired by influential events, people, and places in French history. The line was created by Pascale Oger, who, after moving into a 17th-century home in the plains of Versailles known as “The King’s Falconry,” was inspired by the luxurious way of life, artistic depth, and history of the place. It moved her to incorporate historical events and her love for fragrances to create a perfume line that is completely unique and special. Working with perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour and designer Alnoor, Oger was able to distill beautiful stories into each fragrance that enables buyers to experience French culture. Historiae has a wide variety of products, including eau de toilette, scented soaps, home sprays, candles, and more, all made in France with fair trade-certified essential oils.


The brand offers unique fragrances for its perfume and candle line such as the Rose de France inspired by the Renaissance; Jardin de Le Notre inspired by Andre Le Notre; Hamea de La Reine inspired by Marie-Antoinette; and the Violette Imperiale inspired by Empress Eugenie de Montijo. P4,550/100ml; P1,850 for the candle, Rustan’s Makati, 813.3739.

With its unique fragrance with scents that are simultaneously green, fresh and floral. Hameau de la Reine will take you to the heart of the Queen's Hameau to live again these great moments of emotion

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Violette Imperiale presents a generous and rich violet that recalls with elegance the splendor of the Second Empire. On the case is represented an imperial symbol: the bee, which evokes immortality and resurrection and establishes a link between the new dynasty and the origins of France

Rose de France plunges us into the refinement of the Renaissance with a subtle scent of Damascena Rose shrouded in a benzoin’s balsamic fragrance brought back from the kingdom of Siam

The orange tree flower was the favorite fragrance of King Louis XIV. With its fresh arrangement punctuated by aromatic notes backed by noble woods, Orangerie Du Roy makes you rediscover the orange blossom
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