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What She Wants

From extraordinary bouquets to potted flowering plants. these will make thoughtful presents for the special people in your life.
Francis Kurkdjian's latest scent story is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. Or any day, really.
A drop of La Prairie's Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir at night hints at supple skin the next morning.
So she says she doesn’t believe in this manufactured, commercialized, overly saccharine, made-up holiday. Here’s a tip: Get her a gift anyway. Any of these should do the trick 
For those who like to cram Christmas shopping for their wives, mothers, or girlfriends.
Just try to count all the diamonds in this exceptional timepiece.
Don't know where to start when shopping at Real Food? Bea Lhuillier, Katrina Mañosa, Honey Almedral, and Nicole Fandiño make your decisions easier with their list of top picks.
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