Yes, the All-New Civic Type R Is Race Ready


The 2023 Honda Civic Type R holds the record for fastest lap time for a front-wheel drive car at the Suzuka International Racing Course, home to Formula 1’s Japanese Grand Prix. Completing the legendary circuit and clocking in at 2:23.12, the sixth generation of the Civic Type R is its fastest and most powerful iteration since it first debuted 30 years ago. 

We’ve watched the videos on YouTube and read the reviews online but there are some things you just need to see for yourself and luckily, we were invited by Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) to the All-New Civic Type R Ultimate Track Experience to witness the car in its natural habitat. The Clark International Speedway was the perfect venue for HCPI to host previous and current generation Civic Type R owners and select guests for a day dedicated to the world-famous high-performance hatchback.


What's So Special About Honda's All-New Civic Type R?

What the Big Deal Is About the Honda Civic Type R

As we’re all pretty much aware, the All-New Civic Type R is so much more than just an awesome looking car. Under the hood is a 2.0-liter 16-valve DOHC VTEC, Turbocharged In-line 4 Cylinder engine that delivers 320 PS and 420 Nm of torque to the car’s front wheels. Its improved 6-speed manual transmission with Rev Match Control System allows for more precise and smoother shifting on the fly. If its monster of a powertrain wasn’t enough, the All-New Civic Type R also comes with four driving modes: Comfort, Sport, +R, and Individual. The last mode is another new addition to the Type R and is customizable by the driver.


“Like its predecessors, the FL5 embodies the true qualities of a sports hatch, engineered to deliver ultimate performance and the most rewarding driving experience,” shared Masahiko Nakamura, President of Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. “Truly uncompromising, the new Civic Type R is not just fast, it is a car that can be driven with complete confidence. It is quite a representation of Honda’s strong passion to provide its customers with products, technologies, and services that will give them so much joy.”   

Photo by Mikko Abello.

One such technology is the new and improved Honda LogR Performance Datalogger, which combines the car’s onboard computer and sensors with a new built-in vehicle app that collects real-time data covering a variety of performance parameters while driving on the road, on a track, and on any closed course. LogR’s Performance Monitor provides information such as 3D Display, Tire Friction Circle, cornering G-forces, fluid temperatures, and oil pressure among others, while LogR’s Auto Score reports how the car behaves and helps the driver improve performance by measuring parameters such as acceleration, deceleration and turning. Meanwhile, LogR’s Data Log analyzes data collected to help the driver understand driving habits on the track by scoring track performance, providing lap time and Heat Map so owners can study how they drive and improve their skills on the road. 

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Drivers at the Type R Ultimate Track Experience underwent a comprehensive driving and track orientation and exercises before participating in the open track activities later in the day to feel the difference later by getting onto the circuit. The rumors are all true. Living up to the rich motoring heritage of that red Honda badge, the All-New Civic Type R with its racetrack-proven engineering is all about the brand’s challenging spirit and delivers an absolutely breathtaking driving experience.

To know more about Honda’s latest halo model, visit any of Honda Cars’ 37 dealerships in the country or visit the official website.

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