This Is Reportedly the Fastest Road-Legal Ferrari Ever


Ferrari unveiled its limited-edition special series 812 Superfast via a digital world premiere recently. The new Prancing Horse model is the brand’s ultimate expression of an extreme front-engined Berlinetta. At the heart of this beautiful car is Maranello’s legendary 65-degree V12 engine and is rated at 830 cv-or about 818 horsepower-which is the highest in Ferrari’s road car engine lineup. Optimum HP is reached at 9,500rpm which is also considered the highest in any of Ferrari’s internal combustion engines. 

Based on reports, the 812 Superfast has a top speed of 340 kilometers per hour, and can zoom from zero to 100 kph in 2.9 seconds.

Photo by Ferrari.

Ferrari’s alchemy of state-of-the-art materials and a thorough redesign of the engine’s key components, which includes a new valve timing mechanism and a new exhaust system, are just some of the technical solutions that allow this very noble Ferrari engine to deliver this kind of output in the V12 high performance segment.


To tame this brutal beast of an engine, Ferrari uses class-leading vehicle dynamics controls to ensure that the full potential of the engine is squeezed to the very last drop of power, as well as guarantee maximum fun behind the wheel. Among these solutions is the adoption of independent steering on all its four wheels. With this, it gives the car precise cornering and a great feeling of agility while giving the proper steering feedback and responsiveness.

The car's overall weight was also trimmed compared to the non-limited version of the 812 Superfast to give the supercar full fighting form, thanks to extensive use of carbon fiber both for exterior and parts of the cabin. This new model also features the latest 7.0 version of the renowned Side Slip Control vehicle dynamics system. 

What’s also new to this 812 Superfast is its body sculpture, designed to cut the wind and maintain its sleek and beautiful profile. Thanks to the wind shaping geniuses at Ferrari Styling Centre, their aerodynamicists created design solutions that are extreme in form featuring profiles that are unprecedented for any road-legal car. The redesign of the whole car was aimed at maximizing downforce from the new front air intakes, rear diffuser and exhaust configuration to the patented design of the rear screen, which now hosts vortex generators. Every modification is a faithful expression of Ferrari’s core belief that form must always follow function.

Sounds sexy doesn’t it? Check out the photos and see for yourself.

Photo by Ferrari.
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Photo by Ferrari.

Photo by Ferrari.

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