How to (Correctly) Pronounce Hyundai, Subaru, Audi, and Other Car Brands


Many of us are car fans but don’t realize we might not even be pronouncing the names of our favorite motoring brands correctly. We don’t blame you as some of the world’s most famous carmakers can be quite a mouthful and not exactly pronounced as spelled. 

Language learning marketplace Preply has looked into the most mispronounced car brands, and for everyone’s information, drew up a list on how to actually pronounce them.


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1| Hyundai

Hyundai is of course, a South Korean car manufacturer, and forms the group selling both Hyundai and Kia cars. A common mispronunciation of the brand is “HUN-dye,” but in fact, the correct pronunciation is “HUN-day.” 

2| Subaru

Subaru was founded and is headquartered in Japan. The correct pronunciation is “soo-BAH-roo,” not “SOO-buh-roo” as often mispronounced.

3| Nissan

Nissan is a Japanese car manufacturer founded in 1933. Often wrongly pronounced as “NISS-an,” the correct pronunciation is “NEE-san.”

4| Volkswagen

Volkswagen, or simply VW, is a German-based car brand and is also troubled with mispronunciation with people pronouncing its name as “VOLKSWAG-en.” The correct way to say it “folks-VAHG-en.”

5| Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is a huge international brand, known for both automobiles and sports cars, whilst also being known for air conditioning and factory systems. Often mispronounced as “mits-i-bishi,” the correct pronunciation is “mits-bi-shi.” 

6| Audi

Audi, another German automotive manufacturer, are known for their luxury cars, having originally been founded in 1909. The actual correct pronunciation of the manufacturer, according to the Germans, is “oudi” or “owdee,” not “aw-dee.”


7| Porsche

Porsche is widely known for high-performance sports cars, but apparently not the pronunciation of their name. Whilst many fans pronounce it “porsh,” the correct pronunciation is “porsh-uh.”

8| Mazda

Mazda is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer. Despite many pronouncing it as “MAZ-duh,” which it has come to be known globally, the Japanese actually pronounce it “MAHT-SU-da” or “MAHTS-da,” which refers to its founder Jujiro Matsuda.

Now you know!



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