Mazda's All New Pickup Is Surprisingly Affordable

Fashionably late, but also right on time.

Mazda Philippines has finally unveiled its gorgeous all-new BT-50 pickup truck. Aside from being the makers of the world’s most successful two-door sportscar—the MX-5—the brand also produces some of the sexiest sedans and crossover SUVs in the market as well. 

The all-new BT-50 was first introduced in other markets that are right-hand-drive; the Philippines is one of the first to get the left-hand-drive version. The new generation pickup traces its roots with a 60 years ago, starting with the B1500 B-Series truck first introduced in 1961. It comes with a long history as a dependable workhorse, with a reputation for dependability and reliability over the years.

Photo by Mazda Philippines.

The all-new Mazda BT-50

Mazda says that it rebuilt the all-new BT-50 from the ground up, and the latest generation pickup truck melds the simplicity and dynamism of Kodo Soul of Motion Design with the real-world practicality, durability and versatility of a solid new platform. Mazda uses this design philosophy all throughout its product range.


We haven’t test driven this beautiful pickup truck yet, but based on reviews from other markets, it has proven to be very capable off-road (for the 4x4 variant) and is quite comfortable to ride on the road. Its car-like comfort, elegant interior and exterior offers a refreshing new option for pickup buyers who want a rugged off-roader with lumberjack boots on weekends, but want their pickup trucks to wear designer jeans and signature runners on the way to work at the office.

Photo by Mazda Philippines.

For this generation BT-50, Mazda partnered with a new OEM to produce the units. From the all-new platform, drivetrain, engine and chassis, it continues to embody the brand’s design and engineering philosophies. 

Visually, Mazda kept its three-dimensional signature wing that anchors its sharp, sleek and elegant LED headlamps, making the front end unmistakably Mazda. Its low rake hood and pronounced crease lines extend all the way to the side mirrors, to give the impression of dynamism and readiness even at a standstill. The flared fender panels provide a nice and husky shroud over its newly designed 18-inch wheel with a two-tone finish.   

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Photo by Mazda Philippines.

Powering the BT-50 is a three-liter diesel engine with electronically controlled Variable-Geometry System (VGS) Turbocharger to give better power bandwidth over a wider engine rpm range. Rated at 190PS (187hp) and 450Nm of torque, the new engine will surely be more than capable of handling even the most challenging terrains. 

The 4x4 variant comes equipped with an electronically controlled Drive Selector featuring options for 2-wheel Drive Low, 2-wheel Drive High, 4-wheel Drive Low, and 4-wheel Drive High power delivery. Together with an electronic Rear Differential Lock, maximum contact and traction is achieved even on loose and undulating surfaces. It also has Hill Descent Control to ensure a steady crawl even with the driver’s foot off the throttle or brakes. It has a ground clearance of 240mm and a wading depth of 800mm so even in stock form it can take on most off-road trails for the weekend warrior types.


Safety features include the Mazda Active Safety Technology (MAST), with pre-crash safety features that work in harmony to keep occupants protected at all times. Technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) lets you set a distance to the car in front with the system keeping it steady by automatically braking and accelerating as needed. It also has Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), which detects vehicles and even pedestrians and applies the brakes if it senses an impending collision; Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) that alerts the driver when the vehicle veers off the center of the lane; and Forward Collision Warning (FCW) monitors vehicles in front to assess the imminent likelihood of a collision. 

One very useful pickup truck driver aid is the Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) that works in conjunction with the Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) system to warn the driver of vehicles approaching from the rear.

Photo by Mazda Philippines.

Coming in 2021 “Fashionably late”

The BT-50 is a timely replacement for the outgoing model, but it came in rather late in the year when most other pickup nameplates had already been introduced.

“I believe by being fashionably late we can assess the market and properly spec our vehicles with the right price points,” said Mazda Philippines president and CEO Steven Tan. Indeed, the prices for the three variants and spec sheet seems to show that this decision paid off.

“The All-New Mazda BT-50 is the pickup we have all been waiting for,” he added. “The new BT-50 brings power, stature and prestige into the pickup market as it sits proudly among the rest of our Kodo Soul of Motion-inspired lineup. It is a confident expression of strength and versatility tempered by style and boldness that will allow its driver to experience life to the fullest. Our customers will surely find in the new BT-50 the same premium quality, comfort, durability and driving satisfaction that they have come to expect from every Mazda.”

Hassle-free ownership 

Mazda PH claims it is the only manufacturer that provides a Five-Year Free Service Plan. The plan covers the expenses of periodic maintenance at either six-month or 10,000-kilometer intervals, for up to five years or 100,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. The Five-Year Free Service Plan follows the comprehensive maintenance and parts replacement schedule recommended by Mazda Japan.  

The Three-year Bumper-to-Bumper warranty included in every brand-new Mazda vehicle purchase.

The all-new Mazda BT-50 will be available in three different variants - The Manual Transmission 4x2 priced at P1.39 million; the Automatic Transmission 4x2 priced at P1.43 million; and the Automatic Transmission 4x4 priced at P1.79 million.



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