Ramon Ang Surprises Petron Personnel With an Impromptu Visit

RSA still has time to check up on his people.

The San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has been making its presence felt all over the country throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, the company has put in more than one billion pesos into fighting the coronavirus—and this isn’t even counting shifting some of its operations toward producing rubbing alcohol and reviving the Nutribun for donation.

With all that’s going on, you would think SMC big boss Ramon S. Ang would be an awfully busy dude right now. Somehow, though, he still finds time to check up SMC personnel working at the frontlines of this pandemic. Look:

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“Our Petron attendants and Magnolia staff were happily surprised to see this customer and requested for a quick photo opp,” the Petron Corporation says in a Facebook post.

“Our Boss gassed up and picked up his order of Magnolia Chick N Juicy at the food kiosk. You’ll never know who’s in your neighborhood.”

No doubt Ang’s quick stop provided a much-appreciated morale boost for employees who saw him there. But frankly, we were more interested in the mystery SUV he was riding.

The only parts of Ang’s vehicle shown in the photo are the window, part of the roof rail, and a few bits of the driver-side door panel. It was difficult telling exactly what model it is based on the visuals we had to go on (we could tell it was an SUV, but that was about it), but, thankfully, our contributors Andrew Guerrero and Niky Tamayo are well-versed in the art of identifying cars based on little to no information.


According to our writers, the vehicle is a Toyota Land Cruiser LC200. They came to the conclusion based on the chrome trim and roof rails in the photo, but the giveaway was the buttons on the driver’s side door panel and the interior trim.

So, do you agree with our writers’ assessment? What do you think Ang’s mystery car is?

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