Toyota Motor Philippines' New Subsidiary Answers the Need for Car 'Usership' Over 'Ownership'

Toyota PH launches a tech-enabled transport solutions company.
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Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) inaugurated Toyota Mobility Solutions Philippines, Inc. (TMSPH) last week. From just a project to a full-fledged company, TMSPH is TMP’s wholly owned subsidiary focusing on providing mobility-related services. For the country’s leading automotive company, the role of a mobility solutions provider is not just a marketing cliché but a serious commitment of resources—from financial capital, manpower, technology platform and infrastructure—to fit the needs of not only today’s generation travel customer but beyond. 

TMSPH was organized to develop an ecosystem of customer-centric transportation services by leveraging technology and design. TMP is well-placed to do this as it is currently selling one out of nearly every two vehicles in the country.


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These ‘new mobility solutions’ involve a service business model, in addition to automotive manufacturing and distribution businesses, and TMSPH’s Vehicle Usership (VU) platforms available for individuals and the business sector. 

TMSPH expands Toyota’s reach by splitting the market into “ownership” and “usership” segments, with the company handling the latter. It was created during the start of the pandemic as many other companies were affected by the strict lockdowns and will primarily support the operating efficiency and growth of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises or MSMEs. 

TMSPH president Ma. Cristina Fe Arevalo, who met with the automotive media, on the day of the launch, said that TMP’s concept of ‘new mobility’ is a suite of technology and data-driven lifestyle and business solutions that can address day-to-day challenges of moving people and goods from one point to another. 


“We envision TMSPH to be at the center of the ‘new mobility’ ecosystem as an integrated, ‘one-stop’ mobility solutions provider to help advance businesses and address local communities’ needs,” she explained. 

According to Arevalo, demand for “usership” services tends to be from the 40-to 50-something age group, not the 30-something millennial market, which views vehicle ownership as a personal milestone and source of pride. The more matured age group, meanwhile, has already experienced the challenges of acquiring, maintaining and eventual disposal of vehicles they own. 

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According to TMP president Atsuhiro Okamoto, this new venture will “better shape the industry’s role in building our modern societies and enriching human lives.”

“We will accelerate the fulfillment of Toyota’s global mission to ‘Produce Happiness for All’ and vision to create ‘Mobility for All,” he added. 

TMSPH’s initial services will include fleet-connected service, on-demand shuttle booking app, car sharing or rental, logistics matching service, and fleet management service. Additionally, TMSPH will complement Toyota Financial Services Philippines Corporation (TFSPH) in promoting and managing units under its full operating lease product called Kinto. 

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“Our vision has always been to contribute to the Philippine economy and society through our automotive manufacturing business,” TMP chairman Alfred V. Ty said. “As of the end of last year, Toyota is happy to provide jobs for approximately 63,000 Filipinos at TMP, our dealers, suppliers, and affiliates. We have also contributed $17.1 billion in terms of auto component exports to our Toyota group worldwide since we started export operations in 1997.”

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