LOOK: A Future Where EDSA Has No Traffic Jams

Itâs a sight to behold

Remember last week’s bus lane fiasco along EDSA? While some of us were complaining, others actually took their time to think of possible solutions to the ever-growing traffic problem.

One previous suggestion from a concerned commuter featured a possible reworking of the lane system along EDSA, which was shown via a series of illustration. That, however, seemed a bit far-fetched, but the same can be said about this other proposal we came across just recently.

A guy by the name of Louwie Gan shared via Facebook a video simulation of what EDSA would look like if private cars were banned during rush hour. It’s quite the sight to behold, and if you want to see more, you can check out the full video below:

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Gan is suggesting the ban of private vehicles along EDSA specifically between 5:30-8am and 5:30-8pm. He didn’t mention anything on which days of the week this would be implemented, but we can assume it’ll cover weekdays. The video shows how decongested EDSA would be during those rush hours if only 8-10 buses ferrying 400 passengers in total would be passing along the major thoroughfare as opposed to the same number of people driving through, but aboard one vehicle each.

Granted, of course, that the ratio of passengers to private vehicles isn’t always 1:1, but the video gives us a good glimpse of how a policy such as this one would greatly alleviate the traffic along EDSA without authorities having to reinvent the wheel.

Such a policy would encourage most commuters to use public transport to get to their respective workplaces. But considering how the MRT and most city buses look in their current states, it won’t be easy to convince motorists to leave their cars at home. And then there’s the consequence of private vehicles clogging up C5 and all the secondary roads.


So far there have been no sure-fire solutions to the constant problem that is EDSA traffic, but it’s ideas like these that get our brains churning, and that’s more productive than being angry at everything all the time.

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