WATCH: These Are the Most Stressful Cities to Drive In, According to Study

Surprisingly, Manila isn't in the top ten.

Driving in the Philippines isn't fun, to say the least. With bumpy roads, heavy traffic, and God knows what else, it can be very stressful. So, you can imagine our surprise when we found out that Manila isn't even on the top then of the most stressful cities to drive in as revealed by a new study.

Hiyacar, the U.K.'s fast-growing car-sharing platform, has ranked 36 of the world's most populated cities to figure out the stressful cities to drive a vehicle. Mumbai in India topped the list. According to researchers, "With 510 cars per kilometer, and over 100,000 people every square kilometer, the roads of India's largest city are very overcrowded. The city has eight types of public transportation facilities, but the sheer pressure of population density also puts Mumbai in the top spot for the most car accidents."

"The considerations were; the number of cars per capita, total number of vehicles in the city, severity of traffic congestion, quality of the roads, public transportation options, number of traffic accidents per year and the city density. These factors then received an overall score out of 10 (with 10 being the highest point of stress) to determine which cities topped the stress charts," the study said.

Check out the 10 most stressful cities to drive in below.

  1. Mumbai, India - 7.4
  2. Paris, France - 6.4
  3. Jakarta, Indonesia - 6.0
  4. Delhi, India - 5.9
  5. New York, United States - 5.6
  6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 5.3
  7. Nagoya, Japan - 5.1
  8. London, United Kingdom - 5.0
  9. Mexico City, Mexico - 4.9
  10. Osaka, Japan - 4.9

We know what you're wondering: where does the Philippines figure on the ranking? Well, we're in 17th place after Istanbul, Turkey and before Los Angeles, U.S which puts us around the middle of the whole list. Honestly… not bad.


Does that make you feel better about facing EDSA? Probably not but we'll gladly take the 17th spot.

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