The Best Ride-Hailing App Alternatives to Grab

Having a hard time booking lately?

From the new train construction to the imposed bus lane on EDSA, commuting for the average Filipino has been nearly unbearable as of late. It doesn't help that you have to compete with hundreds of other commuters inconvenienced by the country's transportation system just to catch yourself a bus.

The only other option? Grab. Which isn't all that promising either considering the high demand and price surge. But just in case you didn't know, there are other TNVS options to try out if your Grab booking isn't pushing through. You can try your luck with either of these three apps below.

1| Owto

The name Owto has grown quite buzzy on social media lately, and for good reason. Released last May 2018 and straddling a four-star review on both Android and Apple, this 100 percent Filipino owned ride-hailing app could stand as a good alternative for Grab. According to reviews, the fares are cheaper and have equally friendly drivers to provide good quality services. Plus, the app also boasts of unique additional features to ensure both the rider and the driver's safety. For example, the company imposes, through their app, that all drivers keep their cellphone's front and back camera open at all times to video record the entire trip, which the rider may then use as evidence in case they have any complaints about the ride. 


As with newly developing apps like this though, it does still need to improve on quite a few things. This includes the lack of available drivers, not being able to pin a location accurately, or tracking your driver's whereabouts in real-time without having to refresh the app—three things users seem to constantly complain about. The app's service areas currently cater to Metro Manila, along with some parts in Rizal, Bulacan, and Cavite.


2| Hype

Another ride-hailing app with considerably positive feedback than most is Hype. Also a Filipino-owned TNVS app, users claim that the app has cheaper fares compared to both Owto and Grab. Hype's also a good option for those without data as the system allows for riders to book via SMS instead. The app will quickly detect if you don't have internet on your phone and present with you the choice to book a ride by texting you location drop-off point, and the type of vehicle you prefer. You should then get a reply of your driver's name, his car's model, plate number, and the fare you'll need to pay. The con to this feature: You obviously won't be able to track where your driver is, nor will you have the option to backtrack if you don't agree with the fare.

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As for vehicle options, this includes booking either a sedan, taxi, AUV, or an SUV. The downside to this app though, much like Owto, is the lack of drivers available, and a buggy interface that reportedly tends to crash. Our suggestion? When trying it out for the first time, make sure you're not in a hurry. The app's service areas currently include Metro Manila, Rizal, Cavite, Bulacan, and Laguna.


3| Angkas

We know Angkas has been around for quite some time but it really is a convenient option for those in significant hurry. After all, when it comes to the terrible commute climate, we simply don't have the luxury to be choosy. The app remains commendable thanks to its accommodating bikers who are reportedly trained to ensure a rider's safety and comfort, especially when it comes to first-timers. Keep in my mind though that Angkas has been getting a lot of complaints as of late due to technical issues regarding the app's interface. Here's hoping they get it fixed soon.



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