Take Note of These Road Closures in Manila City During the 2019 SEA Games

Consider yourself warned.

The already-terrible traffic in the metro is bound to get worse once the 2019 SEA Games are in full swing—motorists and commuters should know that already. Now, in addition to implementing a ‘stop-and-go’ traffic scheme, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has announced that certain roads will also be closed to make way for foreign athletes and delegates.

The latest advisory from the MMDA uploaded via Facebook shows the imminent road closures in Manila City. Check out the official post below:


Manila City road closures during 2019 SEA Games

  1. Along Adriatico Street, from Quirino Avenue to P. Ocampo Street (both directions)
  2. Along P. Ocampo Street, from Taft Avenue to Adriatico Street (westbound only)

The agency has also provided some alternate routes that those driving around the area may follow. The sad part, however, is that these roads are likely to be filled to the brim in the coming weeks.

Manila City alternate routes during 2019 SEA Games

  1. Vehicles coming from Taft Avenue going to the westbound lane of Quirino Avenue and intending to turn left to Adriatico Street: Go straight to Roxas Boulevard or Mabini Street to reach destination.
  2. Vehicles coming from Taft Avenue and intending to use westbound lane of P. Ocampo Street: Use Menlo Street then Donada Street to reach destination.
  3. Vehicles coming from Roxas Avenue or FB Harrison Street via eastbound lane of P. Ocampo Street, and intending to use Adriatico Street: Go straight to Taft Avenue to point of destination.
  4. Vehicles coming from Roxas Avenue or FB Harrison Street via eastbound lane of Quirino Avenue, and intending to use Adriatico Street: Go straight to Taft Avenue to point of destination.

Though some schools and universities around Taft Avenue have reportedly canceled classes for the duration of this year’s games (which will certainly help lessen the number of road users in the area), the buildup of heavy traffic is inevitable especially since vehicles are being diverted to the narrow side streets, potentially leading to bottlenecks and gridlock around the city.

If you reside in this area, consider yourself warned. You might also want to check out our previous story on the possible choke points identified by the MMDA while you’re at it. Drive safe, everyone.

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