Angara: Fixing Railways Should Be First Step in Addressing Traffic

We need to find ways to decongest Metro Manila immediately

The traffic in Metro Manila is awful, and it seems as if new solutions to change that are being proposed almost every day. A lot of these ideas revolve around regulating the use of private cars. For one senator, though, the immediate solution isn’t to address the number of cars, but rather fixing the railway system. Senator Sonny Angara, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, proposes that the first step that needs to be taken is to expand and rehabilitate the railway network.

“We need to find ways to decongest Metro Manila immediately. It pains us to see commuters lining up for hours every day to ride the MRT or buses to work and school. Motorists waste so much time stuck on the roads when they could be productive in their offices. Something has to be done about this right now,” Angara says.

The senator wants to fix what he calls the “the tyranny of the automobile” by giving the public better public transport options. However, he notes that commuters should be optimistic about existing railway projects, including: the upcoming Metro Manila subway, the MRT-3 rehabilitation, the LRT-1 extension, and the high-speed rail that’s in the pipeline which will connect Manila to Batangas and Sorsogon.

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