Here's A First Look At Uber's Flying Taxi Of The Future

Coming to a dystopia near you soon
IMAGE Bell Helicopter

Having conquered the missed-my-alarm rushed commute and the takeaway-stained midnight ride home, Uber is expanding its reach to the skies, with the introduction of a flying taxi. 

And here's the first proper look at it.

The vehicle, which is actually being designed and built by Texas-based Bell Helicopters in partnership with Uber, was unveiled at the CES tech trade show this week, offering a brief glimpse into the no-doubt wonderful and not at all sinister The Jetsons-style future we can all look forward to. 


Despite being developed by a helicopter company, the end product will—aside from a vertical takeoff and landing system—supposedly work more like a plane (well, a car with wings attached) and will be able to travel up to 150 miles at a time. 

According to Mitch Snyder, CEO of Bell Helicopters, the first vehicles should be ready to go by 2020, although it might take a little while longer for a full rollout. 

"I would like to have our concept vehicle flying in the early ’20s, but I think it’s more like the mid-’20s by the time we have a certified aircraft that’s flying,” Snyder said. 'That’s kind of our timeline,'" he told the Star Telegram

Just think: by 2020(ish) you'll be cruising through the skies like a bird or a particularly lazy, stressed, coffee-dependent god. But a god nonetheless!


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