4 Bike Shops For When You're Ready for a Serious Gear Upgrade

So frustrating to window shop at these places.
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Hey, bike snob. Yeah, you—I see you giving me and my wheels the up and down, not-so-silently scrutinizing the old, aluminum frame, non-ceramic jockey wheels, and short stem; my entry-level cycling shoes, unmatched kit, short socks, and helmet that's obviously for mountain biking, too (yes, I just ripped the visor out.) That's ok, I get it. I'm familiar with “The Rules” and, yes, I am guilty of breaking them on occasion. 

Your bike, on the other hand: that thing surely came straight out of a catalogue I can't even pronounce the name of. What's your frame made of, carbon fiber? Oh, sorry, titanium, my bad. It's the wheels and the crankset that are done in carbon fiber. Shit, that's beautiful. Probably super-light and under 15lbs, too, right? And your outfit! Italian, no less.

You, sir, have put together a positively exquisite machine. I applaud you for your taste in cycling apparel. In the same breath, I wish you were less condescending. The cycling world doesn't need another show-off who thinks buying the expensive stuff makes him go faster.

This is turning into a bit of a rant, so let's just get a few things out of the way: I think your bike is awesome and I'm honestly a bit jealous, and you should chill and stop being such a dick about cycling and how much you [supposedly] know about it. One day, I'll own a bike that costs as much as an economy car, too. For now, this old thing will do—I still love it. But when the time comes, all the window shopping at these local bike stores will have done me good. By then I will have known exactly what to get.


Maximus Athlete's Shop Cafe

Sometimes it's an art gallery, other times it's a place where athletes can sweat buckets while clocking in the kilometers on modern bike trainers. Three things, however, remain constant: the bikes are drool-worthy grails, they do an excellent bike fit (yes, you have to get fitted to your bike for optimum riding efficiency and comfort) and the coffee is damn good. But they don't only do bikes—they have a wide range of running stuff, too, which makes Maximus a one-stop shop for athletic types. Then again, you could just go there for a quick cuppa and a puff pastry, and that would be pretty excellent, too. 

Maximus Athlete's Shop Cafe is on 126 Pioneer Avenue, SPARTA Complex, Mandaluyong City.

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All Terra Cyclery

This is your friendly neighborhood, mom and pop-style cycling store that everyone loves. It's not the flashiest store out there but at least it isn't fake. Bike snobs can take a few lessons from the folks that run this shop. They don't care what bike you bring in for repairs, or what bike you're looking for—but they will give you smart advice on buying one. It's not so much that their wares aren't exclusively from the luxury range (though they do carry some of the expensive stuff), but the focus on helping you get the right bike for you is what makes this place gold.

All Terra Cyclery is on Unit 3a CW Home Depot, #1 Julia Vargas Ave. Cor. Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.

John Wilkie

Anyone who does regular rides east of the Metro knows this shop. Some use it as a take-off point for rides to Pililia, while others meet up there before taking a leisurely cruise by Riverbanks and the surrounding area. John Wilkie is another place that demonstrates equality among riders. Out in their parking lot, you might just chance upon a pedicab rider getting his flat patched up the old fashioned way. On another occasion, there might be a six-figure bike being tuned by the expert hands of their mechanics. And, yes, they carry the expensive stuff too.

John Wilkie is on 621 J.P. Rizal Street, Marikina City.


Glorious Ride Bikeshop

They just recently moved to a new location because the old shop was getting a little too crowded, so expect to be able to examine all the cool stuff in the new shop with much more ease. This place is an institution for QC cyclists, and the business strategy seems to have worked, employing the “Shotgun” approach, wherein they carry a shitload of brands and see who wants them. Inventory must have skyrocketed in recent months, prompting the move to a larger space. Well, if you need something for your bike, Glorious Ride probably has it.

Glorious Ride Bikeshop is on 131-D Kamias Road, Brgy. Sikatuna, Quezon City.

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