Production of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire Has Been Put On Hold


The Harley-Davidson LiveWire deviates a bit from the usual Harley—not only is it quieter, it packs an electric powertrain as well—but that’s what makes it such a revolutionary bike. As innovative as it is, however, recent findings have forced the LiveWire and its makers to temporarily take a step back from going into production.

“We recently discovered a non-standard condition during a final quality check; stopped production and deliveries; and began additional testing and analysis, which is progressing well,” Harley-Davidson said in a statement, according to a report by CNBC. “We are in close contact with our LiveWire dealers and customers and have assured them they can continue to ride LiveWire motorcycles. As usual, we’re keeping high quality as our top priority.”

The American motorcycle maker has yet to reveal more information regarding the LiveWire’s ‘non-standard’ condition, nor did it give a specific timeline as to when production will resume.


Harley-Davidson has begun distributing units of the LiveWire to its dealers only recently. There have even been talks about bringing the electric Harley to the Philippines during the opening of a new showroom earlier this month. If that had you hoping for a chance to see one in the metal right here on our streets, then we’re sorry to burst your bubble—it’s safe to assume that it won’t be arriving anytime soon.

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