Freida Pinto is not impressed with your machismo

The 32-year-old stunner isn't going to beat around the bush.
IMAGE Rennell Salumbre

On Valentine’s Day, especially, it’s important to not be an asshole when speaking to, talking about, or being around women. So we asked the Hollywood actress about the best way for a gentleman to catch her attention.

"First of all, he should not be saying or doing things to impress me as much as he’s just being himself," admits Pinto, which must come as a relief to all the men scrambling to find the perfect present, the most romantic dinner place for tonight. Hear that, gents? "I think as I get older as well, and I’m like, 32 years old, I’m really not impressed by men who try to pretend to be men, you know? Just be yourself."


"I think as I get older as well—and I’m like, 32 years old—I’m really not impressed by men who try to pretend to be men, you know? Just be yourself."

Pinto admits that while she admires total confidence, she has a soft spot for men who aren't afraid to shed a tear or two. "It’s so much cooler than being, like, oh, ‘I’m macho, and nothing affects me…” says Pinto, rolling her eyes with a smile. "I’m very impressed by honesty. I’m also very impressed by vulnerability. When men can be vulnerable, that truly is so sexy and it impresses me. I don’t have an issue seeing a man cry. I just love a man who can own his emotions and be strong about it. That’s amazing." 

Thankfully, all of this boils down to one thing: Always putting on your best self.

Esquire Philippines talked to Freida Pinto at this year's #LoveScotch festival. 

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