Catriona Gray Shares Her Bucket List-And How She Plans To Tick Off All The Boxes

She’s only getting started.

Catriona Gray Shares Her Bucket List-And How She Plans To Tick Off All The Boxes
Photo by Shaira.

After being crowned Miss Universe at the age of 24, you’d think that Catriona Gray’s bucket list is pretty much complete. For the multi-talented queen, however, the list is far from done. Bagging the crown was just the start for Cat, as she’s more determined than ever to keep living her best life.

Here's how she plans on doing just that:

Get her parents a retirement home
Cat has always wanted to give back to the people who gave her the most in life: dear Mom and Dad. “They always make me feel that my dreams are valid,” she shares. “I was never told, ‘Oh why are you even considering that? That’s not for you.’ I’ve never been told that—which I think is a huge blessing.”

Her earnings as an internationally renowned star can go a long way towards building her parents their dream retirement home, and it doesn’t look like she’s going to lose sight of this goal.

Release her own album
While she might be best known for her ability to defy physics in her runway walk, Cat is also a talented musician. Her smoky vocals caught the ears of more than a few people years before her triumph at Miss Universe.

It isn’t a stretch for her to branch out into a full-fledged career in music, complete with sold-out concerts.

“I would love that—to be able to tour and probably hear people singing my own songs back to me,” she says. “That would be cool.”

Have her own art exhibit
On top of the singing, Cat has some fairly impressive skills with the paintbrush, too. In fact, one of her dreams is to have her art on exhibit—a dream that doesn’t seem too far off, from the looks of it.

Go on a European road trip
Cat’s always been an avid traveler, but she’s yet to do the one thing she’s always wanted to: drive around Europe.

“Everything is just so close together, so I would love to do a less touristy route. I'll search for the non-touristy places in Europe through travel blogs and available itineraries online. I'll pin or bookmark these locations on navigation apps, then I'll have a road trip—or something like that—and explore the countryside and the small rustic places.”

Start a business
Cat’s travels around the Philippines has helped her developed a deep appreciation for local textiles—which, as you may recall, built the foundation for her unforgettable looks at the Miss Universe pageant. Somewhere down the line, she hopes to start an enterprise that takes our local craftspeople to the international stage.

“I love Philippine textiles and locally made products. I witnessed, during my travels for my national costume, that the communities that do the weaving—their products became their livelihood, and it’s so nice to see them feeling proud in their products. I feel like that would be carried on through generations.”

To meet each of these goals, Cat leverages the massive platform she’s been given as Miss Universe, and as it turns out, her online presence plays a big role in that: “I feel that what strengthens my message is that connection or that relationship with my audience. The biggest way that I connect with my supporters and audience all over the world is through social media, and I'm glad I can always rely on Smart Signature so I won't have to worry about keeping in touch with everyone and staying in control of my digital lifestyle.”

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